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Chapter- Twelve

Maria was crazy about shopping. I came to know about it when she pulled me from one shop to another just because the colour of the dress was light or little too dark.

Or the cloth was too light or heavy. I mentally told myself not to go shopping with her ever again. Maria's hands were full of shopping bags so at last she decided to leave the mall. Alone, taking the damn car. Leaving me with Vitale.


"That girl," I growled lowly. I was angry at her for doing this. I didn't want to be alone with this man.

"Calm your ass down, girl." Vitale told as he glanced at me for a second and then again returned to his phone. I tried to ignore his comment. I had gotten used to his vulgar comments. And I realized that no amount of Holy lessons would clean his dirty mouth.

I would had given him a reply if my mind was to already preoccupied with his not less than a devil sister, Maria.

The more I think about it the more I realize that maybe it was her plan all along. She did seem a little too excited about shopping. But damn it, I never thought she would do this.

I should had realized that something was fishy when she told she would be waiting for us at the car. She declined the wonderful offer of lunch.

Who the hell does that?

"Where are your other cars?" I asked him as I stared at the boy who got in his car and went out unlike us who were stuck in this parking lot.

He shrugged, "Why? We could always go by a bus."

My eyes widened when I heard his plan. That was right. We could go by a bus.

"We could. C'mon let's go." I said as I stood up and pushed off the dust from my jeans. How could I not think about it? Going on a bus was better than being stuck her.

I saw Vitale rolling my eyes at my answer, "We are not, wait a little. The car along with the driver is coming. I do not want to sit next to or across to with people bathing with sweat."

I narrowed my eyes at him but didn't say anything. He was confusing me today. Not only he scowled never today but he was not angry at maria for abandoning us.

I thought he would go crazy in anger but he was as calm as a sea.

Now that the thought came, I think Vitale was more like the sea. He always seemed calm and you would never know when he would be angry. And when he was angry he would not see anything and could destroy whatever comes in his way just like the sea.

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