Chapter 14 - I'll Be Coming Home Again to You Love

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In the middle of October, Beatlemania descended on the British Isles. The Beatles topped the bill at the London Palladium and were watched by 15 million British television viewers. Fans rioted outside the theatre and the Beatles were trapped inside their dressing room for hours. The national papers all took note. The next day photographs of the performance at the London Palladium were on the front of every London newspaper, along with the first reports of major outbreaks of mass hysteria among England's teenagers.

And that was only the beginning.

In Carlisle, a ticket line turned into a riot and teenagers were carried away in ambulances. In Yorkshire, 50 bobbies struggled to control 2,000 fans who had waited in line all night. In Newcastle, 4,000 fans waited in drenching rain.

The president of the Beatles' fan club in Liverpool  became inundated with fan mail. It came in sack fulls, two to three thousand letters a day. A meet-and-greet organized by the fan club was attended by thousands of girls. They queued for hours to file past John, Paul, George and Ringo, who sat behind a protective counter. Some of them fainted, others burst out crying, and another lifted her sweater and said, 'Touch.'

The band was invited to perform at the Royal Command Performance in front of the royal family in early November, and United Artists signed them to a movie deal.

Paul shared all of this with Marisol while the Beatles continued their relentless tour of one-night-stands throughout the countryside. As amazing as it all was, he and the others never seemed to dwell on their successes. They were always thinking about where they were going next.

During the last week of October the Beatles toured Sweden. They were due back in London on Halloween night. All that day Marisol waited anxiously at Margo's London flat, rereading the telegram she'd received from Paul:


She plopped onto the sofa and straightened a stack of newspapers that was already perfectly straight. She got up again, staring out the sliding glass doors at the rainy, blustery afternoon. Trees bowed in the wind and leaves collected in puddles on the balcony.

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