Chapter 14

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The phone has been ringing for a while. Who the heck would call this early in the morning? I’ve been sleeping late for the past few days because of the hell week. Couldn’t I get some more sleep for trying so hard? I had been working hard, both piano and academics. This was my only leisure, and someone ruined it.

“Hello?” I answered with a groggy voice and still half-asleep.

“Gumising ka na, may soccer practice ako ngayon.” The voice from the other line said.

“Ano naman? Wala akong practice.” I ended the call and went back to sleep.

His soccer practice didn’t have anything to do with me. I heard a loud bang from my door. Why am I so unfortunate? All I wanted was a long good sleep. Why did they have to ruin it?

“Ate,” I heard Sunny’s voice. “Nandito si Jason pati si Kuya Jai!”

I’m doomed. The grim reaper came to pick me up.

I went inside the bathroom. I took a bath, brushed my teeth and wore a tee and a pair of shorts. I dried my long hair and tied it after. Finally, I put on my wig and glasses. This is how I do it whenever we have some visitors. I don’t want them to see the real me. But I do go out without the wig or glasses sometimes, too.

“Ate~!,” Sunny called again, “Maligo ka na! Bilisan mo raw sabi ni Mommy!”

I opened the door and greeted Sunny. She gave me a sweet smile then we went down together. She was skipping happily, probably because Jason’s down stairs.

I saw Jai carrying a bag with Jason. They were both watching T.V. Sunny sat beside Jason excitedly.

“Morning,” Jai greeted me with a smile. It was one of those sweet smiles that have meaning behind it. He’s faking it, he definitely is.

“Bakit ka nandito?” I asked him rudely. “Sabi mo may practice ka?”

Someone hit me on the head, “Bakit ganyan ka sumagot?”

I frowned while rubbing the harmed part of my head, “Bakit mo ko hinampas?” It was a light hit but my reflex stroked it on its own.

“May usapan pala kayo ni Jai na sasamahan mo siya sa school bakit hindi ka gumising ng maaga?” Mom said. She was a bit pissed, I think.

And what did she mean by usapan? Wait, he didn’t say anything. Why do I have to go with him at school on my rest day? How could I agree on such appointment?!

“Wala kaming nipag-usapan!” I noticed that Jai was giggling.

“Si Sunny ka ba? Bakit nagbe-baby talk ka?” I got confused suddenly. “Pinag-usapan hindi nipag-usapan!”

Then I saw the two kids laughing. Wait, make it three kids. I swear I’m gonna kick his butt anytime soon!

“Pareho lang yun!” I protested.

“Oh siya, wala nga kayong nipag-usapan, pero kelangan mong samahan si Jai!” She said, emphasizing the ‘nipag-usapan’part.

“Why should I?” I asked valiantly.

“Because I said so! Do you have any objections?” She said scarily. “You can’t just leave my future son-in-law alone, you loafer.”

Loafer? Did she just call me a loafer? After working my ass off for how many freakin’ days, then this is what I get? What part of my personality can you consider worthless?! I did both extra-curricular activities and academics at the same time! And for the record, not too long ago she also called Andy her future “son-in-law”. She also said that she didn’t want me to date yet because of my age.