Katherine Swan and her sister Bella move from the sunny city of Phoenix, Arizona to the rainy town of Forks, Washington. Kate gets thrown into the world of the supernatural and her life will never be the same ever again.

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Run ~ The Main

"I never meant to hurt anyone

I really thought that we were just having fun

But you put the gun in my hand

so now run"

Control ~ Halsey

"I sat alone, in bed till the morning

I'm crying, "They're coming for me"

And I tried to hold these secrets inside me

My mind's like a deadly disease

I'm bigger than my body, I'm colder than this home, I'm meaner than my demons, I'm bigger than these bones,

And all the kids cried out, "Please stop, you're scaring me"

I can't help this awful energy

God damn right, you should be scared of me

Who is in control?"

Immortals ~ Fall Out Boy

"I'm bad behavior but I do it in the best way.

I'll be the watcher of the eternal flame.

I'll be the guard dog of all your fever dreams"

Collide ~ James Bay

"I can't bear to let you go

So keep on throwing your sticks and stones

I'd rather fight with you all night, than never have you in my life

I can't bear to let, bear to let you go"

Help ~ Hurts

"I can feel the darkness coming

And I'm afraid of myself

Call my name and I'll come running'

Cause I just need some help"

Angel of Small Death and The Codeine Scene ~ Hozier

"With her sweetened breath, and her tongue so mean

She's the angel of small death and the codeine scene"

Sweet Dreams ~ Emily Browning

"Everybody's looking for something

Some of them want to use you

Some of them want to get used by you

Some of them want to abuse you

Some of them want to be abused"

Breath of Life ~ Florence and the Machine

"I was looking for a breath of life

A little touch of heavenly light

But all the choirs in my head sang no

To get a dream of life again

A little of vision of the start and the end

But all the choirs in my head sang no"

Miss Jackson ~ Panic! At The Disco

"A pretty picture but the scenery is so loud,

A face like heaven catching lighting in your nightgown,

But back away from the water, babe, you might drown-

The party isn't over tonight"

Decode ~ Paramore

"How can I decide what's rightWhen you're clouding up my mind?
I can't win your losing fight all the time
Nor can I ever own what's mine
When you're always taking sides
But you won't take away my pride

No not this time"

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