Chapter 2

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I pulled my car into a free parking spot when I arrived at the theatre and jammed the gear stick into park. My car was... special. Paint was peeling off the sides and the right blinker didn't work among other issues. She was absolutely falling apart, but she was mine. She had been my car since I was a junior in high school and was one of the few possessions I still had in my life that I felt was mine.

The apartment was mine and Zach's. The furniture inside was his, too and even the phone plan that we had together was ours although Zach paid for it. But my car, she was mine.

And her name was Lola.

I stepped out of my car, my heel making contact with the rough asphalt underneath with my photo headshot and resume in hand as I walked up to the theater.   

The Miriladge Theater was breathtaking in my honest and usually looked over opinion. Sure, it was an older theater but that aspect gave it charm and character. The entire building was made of cobble facing brick that gave a rustic sort of ambiance to the place that I was absolutely in love with and had been since I was a teen.

The click of my heels echoed on the pavement as I walked my way up to the theater's entrance and through the double glass doors with gold framing around the edges that told the buildings wear and tear history. As I stepped foot inside of the tattered, yet regal theater, the nerves that I had been pushing off for days began to bubble in the pit of my stomach.

It had been over two months since I had been in my last play and every day that passed without performing, every day that passed just sitting in that apartment waiting for Zach to come home, was a wasted and pitiful day.

I continued to walk further into the lobby of the theater and almost immediately saw a woman who looked just about my age or a bit older, sitting behind a table that had a sign that said 'Closer Auditions' taped to the front of it.

Subconsciously, I smoothed my dress out and timidly walked my way closer to her, praying that she would look up from her computer and see me before I made my way entirely up to the table.

Thankfully, my prayers were answered.

Kind eyes popped up and met mine, shining with welcome.

"Hi!" The woman perked up, her face bright with an energy I immediately envied and her short black hair bouncing with her enthusiasm.

"Hello," I replied, already feeling intimidated by her sunny personality.

"I take it you're here to audition?"

"Uh, yeah- yes."

Get it together, Lee.

"Perfect! I'll take your headshot and resume now and get it back to the director."

I handed her over my manila folder that contained my resume and headshot. Embarrassment swirled in my stomach as I noticed my hands shaking slightly, my nerves and socially unbearable personality getting the better of me.

I prayed that she didn't notice but by the small, supportive smile she sent my way, I knew that I had used up my prayers for the day.

"You'll be great. There's no need to be nervous."

She smiled at me, her eyes seemingly smiling at me too and then, she her hand reach out towards mine.

Oh no.

Every muscle in my body constricted, my stomach flipped and crashed, and I ordered my hand not to flinch away as she placed her soft, cold hand on mine and gave it a supportive squeeze.

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