Chapter One Hundred Thirty

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As much as Charlie and Anora wanted to stay among their friends and family, they knew they had a job to return in Romania. They weren't sure how much trouble Roscoe and Norberta had caused back at the sanctuary. The morning they left they were faced with two battles, having Molly allow them to leave and forcing Iggy to leave the comfort of the Forney household.

Molly was a much easier task as they promised they would be home for Christmas. She made Charlie swear and when he agreed, she allowed them to leave. Iggy on the other hand did everything in his ability not to return to the sanctuary.

"Iggy,we're not staying here!" Anora said as she was lying on the floor of her old bedroom trying to coax Iggy out from under her bed.

Iggy meowed at her.

"Fine." she sighed. "You can stay here then." 

She pushed herself up to her feet and brushed her hands off on her pants. "But Charlie and I aren't staying here, so you're just going to have to stay her with Mum and Dad."

She headed to the top of the stairs and waited counting on her fingers. Charlie went to call up to her but she motioned him to be quiet.

A few moments later, the cat came stalking about of the bedroom, meowing and hissing as he headed down the stairs towards the front door.

"That cat has a serious attitude problem." Gerald said from where he sat in the living room.

"He's just grumpy that we have to leave." she told her father.

"He's more than welcome to stay." Simone said walking in. 

"I already told him that." Anora said.

"Are you kidding?" Gerald laugh. "That cat hasn't left An's side since she got him. The only thing that will separate that cat from Anora, is death itself."

"Gerald!" Simone smacked her husband's arm as Anora lifted Iggy into his arms.


"Don't talk like that."

"Yeah Dad, Iggy's going to live forever."

Roscoe watched in slight amusement as Norberta attempted to grab at his tail but failed to do so each time. Every time she missed, he would whack her on the backside or her head causing her to grow even more irritated. It was something Nan would do when he was a young dragon, it was to develop a dragon's speed especially with reaction time.

Roscoe would never really have speed on his side again, he was far too big, but it didn't stop him from teasing Norberta with it. After she spent the majority of Charlie and Anora's vacation, pestering him, he figured he would return the favor.

Norberta tried one last time to snap at his tail but missed earning her a smack on the head. She growled and snapped her jaws in his direction but Roscoe remained calm and in place. She continued to try to intimidate him with steam and smoke. However, as she tried to launch at him with a playful attack, Roscoe extended one of his rather large wings and flapped it over her covering her completely.

She struggled under the heavy wing but Roscoe wouldn't budge.

Anora nearly stumbled as Charlie fell after she brought them back to the sanctuary. Iggy hopped her shoulder to avoid crashing to the ground himself before looking to Charlie in obvious disapproval.

"I don't appreciate that look, Iggy." Charlie said as Anora offered her hand to help him up.

"That's his way of telling you to get it together Charlie. You really need to get a hang of this apparating you know. One day you're going to need it."

"Not when I have you around." he smiled as he stood back up on his feet.

"Yes, but what if I'm not around. What if it's an emergency and you need to get out of somewhere quickly? You can't rely on me, darling."

"I can do it...I just don't like doing it. I prefer brooms."

"Brooms are slow compared to how fast we can get to a destination using-

"I said I can do it!"

"Yes, because you landing Merlin knows where-"

"I'm getting better at it!"

"Yes, you've managed not to end up splinching yourself to death, thank goodness."

"I'm not that bad!" Charlie protested.

Iggy meowed.

"You stay out of this!"

Anora walked away from where Charlie argued with the cat to see Roscoe in the regular field where she normally found him.

"I wonder where Norbie is." she questioned as she walked towards the dragon. Upon seeing the return of his handler, Roscoe lifted his head and let out a call into the air.

"Well, hello to you too big guy." she smiled. "Where's Norberta, you haven't killed her have you? That's not going to go over well with Charlie-"

Roscoe lifted his wing, only to reveal a very angry Norberta who tried to get out but Roscoe lowered his wing quickly to cover her.

Anora shook her head. "Holding a girl against her will is not the way to her heart, Roscoe. Or her eggs."

Roscoe huffed before allowing Norberta to escape the prison beneath his wing. She launched out and attempted to bite him but he just blocked her.

"Glad to see you two have worked on your relationship while we were gone."

Anora sighed and sat down in the field not sure whether to watch the dragons argue or Charlie argue with Iggy.

"There's no place like home."

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