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Running into the house, no no need for nocking cuz the doors wide open, he runs up the stirs to the bathroom. He hears the water running he storms into the bathroom and his heart just started gunnin!

-------------------PLAY BACK-------------------

Walking down the corridor I cracked a couple smiles. Walking into class I put my books down and it seems like everyone in there is laughing at me. I couldn't take it anymore. I texted my boo " I love you with my body heart and soul to death" I ducked my next class ran home into my bathroom, thought to myself I wouldn't break my promise that soon. One cut, Two cut, Three cut, Four. the blood just started dripping from the tub to the floor. Hearing foot steps coming in the distance I drift in and out of conciseness......


" I love you with my body heart and soul  to death"

He thought nothing of it typed I love you and sent it, by death I didn't know she had literally just meant it . I had a feeling in my stomach that I hated. Followed it ran down to her house I never waited, the front door was open, I heard the water running I stormed into the bathroom and my heart just started gunnin!

I run over to her screaming, crying, praying that she's okay. please lord let her be okay. Yelling at the top of my lungs screaming for someone to help or call 911. Putting pressure on the wounds I softly whisper, " you said you wouldn't cut. You promised, what happened? You could have told me. anything. I'm always here baby please don't go! I hear sirens but at the same time I don't all I can hear is your heart beat slowing, the water running and my thoughts booming. At some point I'm pride away from you as they lift you on to the stretcher and and they start working on you. The drive to the hospital is the most painful drive.

You've been on the table for over two hours. Sitting here both your parents are crying or comforting each other. It alters, as I sit here, leg  bouncing and head in hands. As the memory of the time we laid in bed together and laughed clouds my thoughts.

" Blake? Mr. and Mrs. Woods?" Says the doctor as he tries to get our attention.

Shooting up I briskly walk towards the doctor. "please tell me she's okay."

" she's..."

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