Chapter 3

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Runa turned her attention to the other females. "Girl's I understand that I have interrupted whatever you have going on, that being said I'm sure we will have much to discuss soon but if you would allow me to catch up with the others?"

They all nodded, Bonnie even attempted a smile "thank you could you wait downstairs please? Perhaps in the parlour? I promise no harm will come to them" she said earnestly. Obviously this was the wrong thing to say as Elena and Caroline both started glaring at her.

"Are we supposed to just trust you? We don't know you!" Elena exclaimed looking for support, Caroline nodded while Bonnie looked like she wanted to leave. All the males in the room looked at her with wide eyes.

Damon and Stefan shaking their heads obviously trying to make her be quiet. While the Klaus and Kol looked shocked that someone would talk to her that way. "I have given you no reason to distrust me and if that isn't enough then Damon obviously does." Runa spoke with confidence that made Elena falter slightly but she wouldn't give in. Caroline spoke up then defending her friend "you know those two and you seem to be friendly that is all the reasons we need to not trust you" she exclaimed. When she heard this her kind warm eyes iced over.

The boys looked even more shocked if that were possible they looked like they were waiting for their deaths. Runa glared at the blonde who dared to question her because she was friendly with the originals. Caroline backed up eyes flashing with fear. "I suggest you leave now before I tear you apart little girl" venom coated the words and the Barbie look-a-like ran out of the room. Elena startled but didn't back down and leave, "I'm not leaving" she declared trying to be brave.

"I am no longer asking. Leave or I will make you" Runa spoke in a calm way but that just made her more scary especially when she could see the original brothers wince.

"Bennett you are a practicing witch correct?" she asked the other girl who had been silent and observing. She nodded warily. Runa held out her hand "it's okay I just want to show you that I can be trusted" she explained gently but with impatience.

"Take my hand and do the 'sperantes' spell" she told Bonnie. Taking her hand nervously but determined she chanted "doce me siquishabet fidem ethoc" as she finished their hands glowed blue.

Bonnie looked satisfied with the result "she can be trusted, it shows that she's calm and has no intention to hurt anyone" she said smiling at the new face. She walked over to Elena grabbing her hand "we'll just be downstairs, it was nice meeting you" she continued as she dragged Elena from the room with her protesting slightly.

Runa closed the door and turned to face the other occupants. "Well now that's over I think we all need to have a chat" she said smiling menacingly at them.

Kol who was leaning against the wall took a seat in the armchair next to Klaus who no longer looked ill but a little scared. Damon and Stefan sat on the sofa while she dragged the last armchair and placed it so she could see them all.

They all sat in silence for a few minutes none of them knowing where to start, Damon couldn't keep his mouth shut any longer.

"So nana you know these assholes?" he asked glaring at the other brothers.

"Yes little saviour and please stop glaring it doesn't suit you" she replied smiling gently at him. He went a little red at the nickname and pouted slightly. "Nana! I don't know why you insist on calling me that" he replied petulantly.

Kol laughed at him while Klaus smirked both obviously pleased. "Now as we've established I know all of you can we move on?" she asked sarcastically. Stefan and Klaus decided to stay quiet out of the line of fire.

"First Kol it's good to see you" Runa turned to him and smiled blindingly at him and then added "un-daggered" with a glare at Klaus who winced before he could control his reaction.

"What took you so long to get here I called you months ago?!" Damon demanded waving his hand to emphasise his point. "Calm down, I told you at the time I was busy it wasn't a lie I was having problems with a vampire hunting group in Italy" she said calmly like she was discussing the weather. All of the others snapped to attention even Stefan.

"Were you hurt?" Kol asked quickly looking her over as if checking for injuries. Klaus stayed quiet but was scowling at Kol who beat him to the punch. "Don't be silly darling they were just children trying to play at being heroes" Runa derisively replied "It just took longer than necessary to dismantle their organisation".

"I'd like to know how you know each of us." Stefan asked politely earning a weird look from his brother.

The others perked up obviously it was something they all wanted to know. "Okay then but after you will be explain what was happening before I walked in" she commanded.

A chorus of different agreements rang out "who should I start with?" she asked looking at each person until she landed on Klaus. Damon and Stefan almost smiled their curiosity getting the better of them. Kol grabbed her hand and started playing with her fingers already knowing the answer.

"It's simple really boys" she started glancing at Klaus who was staring at her with a soft look before turning to the Salvatore's. "Niklaus is my husband" she stopped to taking in their reaction and was not left wanting.

"WHAT?!" Damon shouted looking back and forth at her and Klaus as if trying to see it glaring at Klaus when he smirked. Stefan's reaction was without words but his eyes widened almost comically, his mouth open but words failed him. Kol who was still fiddling with her fingers was smirking at their reactions too but was otherwise uninterested.

"Shhh little saviour do you want to know the story or not?" Damon nodded wanting to know everything about it.

"You two will be helping me with this" she said pointing and the Mikaelson's who reluctantly agreed. "Okay then let's get this started then. I met Klaus and Kol before I was turned, actually it might give you a better idea if I said it this was I met them before they were turned..."

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