The Lamp

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Adventure Community - Micro Adventure Contest Entry:

The girl ran as fast as her legs could carry her. They ached but she dare not stop. She heard the men's heavy boots thudding in the distance, chasing after her. She dodged through the market place, in and out of stalls, sliding through the legs of a horse when it blocked her path.

The wind blew her long dress about, whipping it around her legs. Her only hope was to make it to the surrounding woods. Then they would be safe. She knew how to hide among the trees. She clutched the bag closer to her. She would not let him down.

Her heart beat faster at the thought of freedom. Just as she reached the tree line, Josen stepped in her path. She skidded to a stop in front of the man who wanted to ruin her life.

"It's time to give it up, Delysia." His outstretched hand motioned for the leather satchel she clutched to her heart.

"Never!" she cried as her eyes darted, looking for an escape. The raven haired girl dodged to her left, avoiding the man's grasp. Grabbing a low hanging limb, she heaved herself up. She began to climb, leaping branch to branch, tree to tree as fast as she could.

When shouts from Josen and his men faded, she knew she'd lost them. Dropping to the ground, she unlatched the bag pulling out the dull gold lamp. Her hand shook as she rubbed it, blue-green smoke pouring out. Before her was the man she'd do anything to save, her love, her genie.

"Brishen, we don't have long. I must make my last wish before he catches us," Delysia cried out.

"Don't waste your last wish on me. You must save yourself, Love." Brishen swept the distraught girl into his arms. Dropping the lamp, she wrapped her arms around him, crying into his chest.

"No, I wish for your freedom!" A harsh laugh drew both their attention. Josen and his men stood near.

"How touching, My Dear! Too bad it's too late." Josen held up the lamp. "Now, Genie, for my first wish, I wish for Delysia's death by your hand!"

Dropping his arms, Brishen stepped back, his now cold eyes boring into hers.


This was my entry into @AdventureCommunity 's Micro Adventure Contest. The prompt was to tell an adventure story in 2000 "characters" or less (one that fits inside the comment box) that ends with a cliffhanger, leaving you wanting more and wondering if your character lives or dies. This was exactly 2000 characters with spaces or 371 words.

I hope you all enjoy! Let me know what you think!! <3 ~ SJ

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