Chapter 2

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"Now I hate to ask because I'm almost certain I won't like the answer but what is going on here?" Runa questioned them politely. Kol and Klaus looked to one another knowing it was about to get worse not only for them but for the others in the room too.

She walked forward and everyone watched her cautiously "Well, well Damon Salvatore I should have known you'd be here you never could stay out of trouble" she smirked at him while everyone was staring or in Klaus' case glaring at Damon who was grinning slightly as he looked her over.

"Nana good to see you it still amazes me that you can be so hot given your age" Kol and Klaus looked ready to commit murder. But Runa merely waved it off with an eye roll.

"I apologise for taking so long to get here little saviour but I've was busy up until a couple of days ago or I would have been here before I'll explain another time. However I will be speaking with you later young man" she said narrowing her eyes at him.

He suddenly looked sheepish. "Yes nana" he replied like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Stefan and the girls watched on amazed as she ordered him around and then eyes almost bugged when they saw the light blush. Klaus still looked angry but it was tinged with curiosity and Kol was smirking at the sight very amused at her control over his nemesis.

Stefan looked thoughtful "this is nana?" he asked incredulous all eyes turned to him "yes" Damon replied rolling his eyes trying to move on from his embarrassment he smirked at the expressions on everyone's faces.

Runa set her eyes on Stefan and glared at him taking a step forward threateningly her eyes lethal "don't be so rude Stefan. Just because I dislike like you with you whiny petulant manners doesn't mean I can't get along with your brother" she added harshly glaring at him.

Stefan cringed and took a step back from her anger. "Sorry Runa I didn't mean anything bad I just didn't know he knew you" he tried to explain. Everyone was dumbfounded Stefan was showing emotion "Well why would you I told him to keep it a secret and I didn't know you had to know everybody I do." She snapped back at him. Stefan looked to the floor as a show of submission and she nodded accepting the gesture for what it was.

Klaus was on the verge of snapping he wanted to know how she knew them, why was it that Stefan seemed to be afraid of her but not him? Jealousy was not a good colour on him. Elena was looking back and forth between the Salvatore's and Runa confused and upset. Caroline and Bonnie were just shocked at what was transpiring. Klaus now looked nervous knowing it was his turn soon while Kol was waiting impatiently for her attention.

"Doppelgänger, Bennett, Barbie" she nodded to each of them. Each of the girls looked like they were insulted but Runa just looked at them blankly not offering anything else.

Rolling her eyes she turned to the originals. "Kol, darling come here" she demanded smiling softly at him. Kol took quick steps towards her his smile almost hurting "I've missed you Lia" he spoke softly to her surprising the other occupants in the room even Klaus. Runa opened her arms for him to walk into. It was quite comical with him being almost a head taller, he wrapped his arms around her and spun her around. She giggled loudly making him laugh. The others watched on astonished as they acted so free.

Klaus slowly tried to edge out of the room away from her hoping no one would notice, but luck was not on his side he froze when she called out to him "Niklaus. Do not take another step" she commanded as Kol put her down. Klaus turned slowly swallowing harshly as he did so and faced her his expression scared, "You will not leave until I am finished with you. That goes for all of you" her voice was menacing daring anyone to contradict her. No one did.

Kol stood behind her a happy smile plastered on his face seeming boyish. "Niklaus go sit over there" she pointed to an armchair to her left "and wait, if you could do that somewhat quietly it would be appreciated" she finished with a sneer. "Now wait a minute love, you can't just..." Klaus trailed off at her look, ducking his head and quickly moving towards where she was pointing. He sat where she told him and kept quiet under her stare. If he couldn't talk then he would be watching the proceedings.

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