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Five clues. Four teams. Three hours. Two winners. One kiss.

Olive never thought her crush on Ethan would end like this!

As a thank you, popular rich-girl Jewel Van Hanen invites Olive to one of her exclusive parties. Only this isn't an ordinary party: it's a nighttime Scavenger Hunt. Cryptic clues, ridiculous riddles, shared selfies, dangerous dares- no one has ever played a game quite like this before. Each winner receives an amazing cash prize--money Olive desperately needs to pay for her coveted college entrance audition.

When Jewel assigns teams, to Olive's delight (and horror) she's paired with Ethan-the irresistible boy she's been secretly crushing on for five years. More comfortable with books and academia than boys and adventure, can Olive win the hunt and Ethan's heart?

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