Hi everyone! It's been over a year since I started writing "Saving My Heart" and half a year since I finished. I've been doing revisions, and even searching for an agent. I was looking over a way to get the excitement going again for this novel. I realized my novel cover was feeling a bit old, and I wanted something new and fresh. Though it brings back memories of how I originally met people in the forums to get a design, I figured it would be a great way to open up an opportunity to people that followed me and loved the book if I had a cover design contest! 

So, I'm starting a contest to design the new cover for "Saving My Heart". I thought who would be the best designer but a fan of the book. I'm setting the deadline for April 15. That should give everyone a good month to design their best. I'm looking for a cover that represents the story, genre, theme, and the characters. I do like to see the main characters, Julie and Peter on the front. But I'm open to other interpretations. I'd love to see ideas and inspirations you get from the story included in the cover. Go for it! Impress me!

What do you win? CREDIT. I will list you as the cover designer and use your design as the cover for "Saving My Heart". Plus, I will rename a character in the story, Patty, Julie's friend, after you. So, you get a character named after your first name in "Saving My Heart". (Note: Just your first name will be used, or name of your choosing. I won't use your last name, since I'm creating a fictional character.) **Use of the cover will be on Wattpad, and with permission, on my blog to use a link. I'll be posting about this on my blog too. So, I want to display the winner there as well. 

If you are interested, message me and I'll tell you where to send you're cover design. Plus, if you have any questions, please post a comment. I want this to be fun and a challenge, but a way to include my followers in the process on Wattpad. It's because of you that "Saving Your Heart" was finished. You always keep me going. 

DEADLINE: April 15, 2016

*I'll announce finalists on Monday, April 18, 2016. The winner will be announced Friday, April 22, 2016.

Thanks for making the writing experience on Wattpad always super awesome. I'm looking forward to your entry. Happy designing! -Marilyn

UPDATE April 20, 2016: I have to announce there were no entries. So, there isn't a winner for this contest. But well, I'll just maybe have to design my own. So, thanks for reading and enjoying Saving My Heart. Or this is a way to say keep the old cover. Not sure. But if anything, it was nice to try something different. Experiments always are that, something new to try.

***But I'll get back to work on editing my first full novel called Everything For Love. I've got two agents interested, and my freelance editor is helping me shape it into a finished product to sell. Plus, if you want to see my next project on Wattpad, I'm in the middle of writing a Boys Over Flowers Fanfiction called "Firsts". Here is the link to get started: https://www.wattpad.com/story/48831408-firsts-a-boys-over-flowers-fanfiction. Thanks for reading "Saving My Heart". Until next time, -Marilyn

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