Kim Possible (And the Concept of Mary Sues)

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Mind you, I'm going to be a little pissed in this rant. If I come off as a hypocritical bitch, I apologize in advance. 

I'm not explaining Kim Possible. For most of you, it was part of your childhood. What I'm pissed off at the moment is how some people who don't really like the show or don't connect with it try to undermine that with arguments of Kim being a Mary Sue. Their evidence often consists of how she's way too popular, a cheerleader, and at the same time, she is a super agent. 

Well, congrats, you told me the entire premise of the fucking series. 

Hi, hello, you know what you have right now? A HUGE FUCKING EGO. 

Alright, can we talk about how some of you all complain about the typical pretty nerd with no friends and being bullied is the "end of the world" cliche but when its the exact opposite you complain about how she's a Mary Sue? 






*takes a huge breath*

Okay, let's go over what people define a Mary Sue as:

- Judged as a poorly developed character, too perfect and lacking in realism to be interesting
"Mary Sue" today has changed from its original meaning and now carries a generalized, although not universal, connotation of wish-fulfillment and is commonly associated with self-insertion.

.....Okay, I'm going to use Hermione Granger and Annabeth Chase as examples here. When you think about it, they are the epitome of wanting to be the other person. IN ADDITION TO BEING GOOD CHARACTERS, THEIR INTELLIGENCE AND THE ABILITY TO GET OTHERS OUT OF A SITUATION IS SOMETHING THAT WE ALL WANT TO HAVE. 

Kim Possible is the same way. Yeah, she's popular and a cheerleader, but she does have her own problems as well. Anyone remember Bonnie? YEAH, SHE WAS ONE OF THE FUCKING MEAN GIRLS THAT GOT ON KIM'S BAD SIDE. Kim was embarrassed in front of the whole school once because of Bonnie, she was cocky at times, but at the same time, she was smart, kind and thoughtful to her friends.

And yet, while we rave about characters like Hermione and Annabeth (don't get me wrong, I love em' as much as you do) being progressive female badasses, Kim Possible is the Mary Sue when in the context of the show, she's more realistic to how a real highschooler would talk and act. 

While a famous author can write a character that's smart, funny, likable, and actually a little popular, a fanfic writer or even an aspiring one, can't and is even silenced as their characters are determined as "Mary Sues."


There's a post on G+ that explain the concept of Mary Sue further, which I'll put a link to in the comments.

By the way, Bella Swan is not a Mary Sue when you think about it. In fact, she's kind of worse than that. She's a skin of a character, something that girls reading can get into. She may fit into the definition of a Mary Sue, but at least Mary Sue characters at least have some sort of personality,  no matter how unrealistically perfect. Bella is just straight up bland.

Yeah, I'm sorry if this seems a little less researched but I was on YouTube reading some of the comments and that got me thinking about the double standards that some people have. Or maybe I'm just....Oh well.

See you guys until the next one! :D

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