1. Swift

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-You are going to record a second album Taylor!- Lily exclaimed feeling a little grumpy because of Taylor's attitude when they left the meeting with the record label- can you at least smile a little bit?

-I'm happy Lil, I promise- Taylor said trying to smile and seem happy, but she something was actually bothering her.

-It doesn't look like you are- Lily said confused, she had worked with Taylor hand by hand on her first album and that was enough time to get to know her really well.

-It's just that...

-What?- Lily asked while they walked to one of the studios.

-I want to make a different album this time Lily- Taylor finally confessed sighing, Lily was her producer, if someone needed to hear her thoughts about music out loud it was her.

-What do you mean?- Lily asked to the singer, now paying really attention to her.

-I mean that this time I don't want just pop dance song, I want something different- Taylor tried to explain, it's been a while since that idea had been on her mind, practically since she launched the first album- I loved my debut album, I really do, it's amazing what we did together but now... I want to show the real Taylor to the world, I want to show what I can do and what I really feel.

-All right... Why don't you try to explain yourself a little better so I can see what I can do for you?- Lily suggested trying to understand her friend.

-I want the album to be close to my life, to my feelings, more personal than the last one, I want to write my own songs- the blonde explained.

-Wait what? Do you really want to write your own stuff?- Lily asked surprised raising her eyebrows- because that's a huge deal.

-Yes- Taylor answered firmly.

-Have you ever write a song before?- the producer asked doubtfully- do you even know how to do it at all?

-Well... I've been trying to do it lately but the truth is that it's not as easy as I thought- Taylor said being completely honest- I know what I want to tell to the world but I can not find the right words to do it.


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-Ok... now that I understand what you want to do there's a chance that I can help you- Lily accepted after a long silence filling the studio.

-Really?- Taylor asked in surprise, her friend and producer was not known for being precisely an understanding person, she could be really stubborn.

-I do- Lily said smiling when an idea pop in her head- I have the perfect solution for you Taylor.

-I'm listening- Taylor said looking at her, she wasn't expecting to find a way to make her album so quickly.

-I've being in this industry for a while so I'm going to tell you how this works- Lily started to explain- when the singers are not use to write about their lives and they somehow want to share her thoughts they work with songwriters hand by hand so they can help them to express what they need or feel- it was not the first time that Lily did that for an artist of the label, in fact it was more common than Taylor could think.

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