I dont know what just happened all I know is I was about to pass out. I was on the side of the road just praying they'd leave me alone. They were just laughing. Im still seated on the curb crying before I instantly hit the pavement. That's all I could remember.

All of a sudden I woke up. The room I was in was unfamiliar. No windows. Only one door. Everything was painted a black kind of navy color so it was beyond dark. I was tied to a chair to top of the creepy scene. I was about to scream but my scream came out muffled. shittt.

I hear what sounds like multiple people come in.I close my eyes and pretend I haven't woke up yet. I hear them whisper but alas I cant here what they were actually saying, just the sound of their voices.

I heard the door open. Shortly hearing numberous amount of footsteps now, are like 10 people or so, followed by the door being shut.

"Open your eyes I know you're up!" says one of them. I slowly opened one eye. I'm gonna tell you right now he's quite attractive, granted after looking around I noticed they all were.

"We're going to pull off the duct tape. Yell and we shoot or you can be good and listen!" said one of the boys with their masks still on. I nod my head extremely nervous and worried.

He unwraps the duct tape from around my mouth ever so gently. I bite my lip to stop myself from saying something stupid.

"Were gonna unwrap one of your legs. kick and we shoot! " says the same guy who undid my mouth. I nod my head slowly as he unties my legs.

"Were gonna untie your arms now. Im not gonna sugar coat this one love, do anything stupid and you know what we will do," He whispered in my ear from behind me while unwrapping my arms.

The same guy took off his mask and shook out his curls. Are all these guys hot?

"He's hot isnt he?" said a voice I remember as my bestfriend Kaylin, however I thought it was just me dreaming. YEAH! I say out loud accidently.

she snickered, "Of corus I'm right!"

The boys all chuckle. I turn slightly and see the one and only Kaylin. She was my bestfriend and technically my only one, she was my everything. The boys all had smirks plastered across theirbattractive faces, that were so tempting to smack.

"Untie me!" She demands. I hesitate but I decide to do it, she was my bestfriend after all, right? I untied her and she pulled out a gun. Out of fucking no where, a gun.

I quickly smack it away, before I feel her body slam mine to the ground and grabs the gun that fallen out of my hand. She points it at me not a hint of guilt or hesitation to be seen.

"Get up!" She says, and quickly I do as I'm told. Once I'm up I slap her across the face not regretting it, even if I got shot, she needed that awakening.

"YOU FUCKING BITCH!" I yell at her.

"Oh. She's fiesty. That's hot!" I hear a few of them say. I roll my eyes as she mouths something to me.

"Just trust me. Do what they say I'll explain later," she mouthed. I looked at her in disgust..... what a true friend.


ughhhhhh im coldddd its so cold here. dont ask me why.

well I had this idea and it just got bigger and bigger so before it exploded I had to share some with you!:)




I love you all penguins.

-Sexy Mama Penguin

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