The Mythological War

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They arrived at the island in high spirits.

Trevor and Megan had won the national Name The New Flavorific Cereal Contest.

Their prize was this all-expense-paid, week-long vacation on Grand Muse Island.

As they left the boat and began their walk down the gorgeous path leading to the area where they'd stay, Megan stopped Trevor with:

"You be the minotaur and I'll be the sphinx!"


"You're the bull-headed one and I like the way that little sphinx is looking at you; so, since I love you, I'll be your sphinx and you'll be my minotaur."

"Megan, Megan... your imagination..."

"Yep, and you love it, right?"

"I can stand it..."

Trevor was smiling as he stopped to look at the minotaur, giving Megan a quick hug.

"Well, Meg, I am pretty horny right now..."

"Hmmm... Now the little sphinx looks like she's a bit upset..."


"Well, the minotaur is in sort of a ready to fight pose..."

"Yeah, and that little sweet sphinx looks fiery angry..."

"Wow, fiery angry. Trev's gone all poetic on me..."

Another, longer hug---a lingering kiss---a languid walk to the bungalow...


The next morning they made a point of spending time at the lake shore, soaking up the sun, and having their feelings subdued by the half-ring of mountains.

"Think there're any sphinxes in those mountains, Trev?


"Think they can make minotaurs do their bidding?




"What are you brooding about?"

"Thinking about us..."

"We make you brood?"

"Ya know, Meg, I think I am that minotaur---muscling my way up a mountain of work issues..."

"So... that's you... You said you were brooding about us."

"Yeah, and you're the sphinx lady, flying around in those fantasy worlds in your books..."

"So, what's to brood about?"

"We're so different..."

"Different is good, no? I help you rise above your work and you help me work through the times I just want to be anything but a writer."

"Is that enough?"

"Enough for what?"

"We've been married for three years now..."

"I'm glad you can count..."

"Can we keep it working?"

"Trevor, you're doubting our marriage?"

"So many people start out happy and just wear out being together..."

Megan stood up and walked back to the bungalow.


Trevor woke up on the couch.

He made his way to the kitchen nook and began cooking breakfast.

Megan woke to the smells and shouted:

"I didn't tell you to sleep on the couch!"

No words from Trevor, just cooking sounds...


Later, after Trevor had left the breakfast on the table and walked out of the bungalow, he returned with flowers in his hand.

Megan wasn't there...


That evening, Trevor answered a knock on the door.

"Megan, where were you?"

"Hi, I'm your local sphinx and I wanted you to know that if you don't grow some wings, I'm leaving you."

She walked off...


The next morning, Megan returned to the bungalow but Trevor wasn't there...

She walked back to the lake, where she'd spent the night.

There was Trevor.

"Megan, I don't know what you want..."

"Well, Mr. Minotaur, it's pretty simple---decide if you can stand a woman with wings."

"Stand you? I love you!"

"In your bull-headed fashion..."

Megan walked away.


Later that evening, Trevor returned to the bungalow, quite drunk.

He walked in and saw a note on the table:

There once was a minotaur who said he loved a sphinx.

The sphinx loved him, too.

But, the minotaur was so bull-headed he thought he was boring.

So, the sphinx decided she would fly to the mountains...


As he struggled up yet another path, he began to realize he'd never find her this way.

Alert the authorities?

Wait back at the bungalow?

He struggled on...


As the sun rose, Trevor stopped and slumped against the rock wall.

Megan appeared from around a turn in the path and said:

"I was hiding by the bungalow and followed you up here..."

"You scared the shit out of me!"

"Good! So, what's your decision?"


"You want to stay married or not?"

"Who said I didn't?"

"You did."


Megan walked away...


Years later...

The little boy said:

"Mommy, when will daddy come home?"

Megan rose from her writing desk and said:

"As soon as I finish writing this little sphinx story, dear..."


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