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Picture of Haley in media.

"Come on Haley! You promised you would go this one time." My older sister whined, stomping her foot. For her to be 22 she sure acted like a toddler.

I still didn't believe she was four years older than me, there had to be a mistake. I have yet to see a birth certificate confirming her age.

"I'm not going with you to a UFC fight, you know how I feel about that stuff. I hate violence, why did you even pay to see that anyway? It's a waste of money!" I scolded, my eyes scanning the fridge for food, and as expected there was none.

I slammed the door shut huffing, my stomach was growling like crazy, "Anna we need to go grocery shopping, there's no food."

"I don't get paid until next week Friday, " she sighed, "We'll have to do with what we have."

So to sum that up we'll just starve until she gets paid. Not surprising, here's a little background story about my fucked up life. Our parents left us at the hospital once we were born, I've never seen my dad and I only know my mom's name.

Anna and I were put in foster care after that and eventually when i was two, i got adopted, by the Jones. They were nice people but it didn't last because they eventually got tired of me and sent me right back to the system.

This went on for 14 years home, to home. Family, to family. Each one got worse and during those times I briefly stayed with other people I was either used as a maid or beaten and assaulted just out of their amusement.

My sister Anna and I got separated briefly but she promised she would find me when she gets older and when she does she'll take care of me and I'll be free from the system.

So here we are four years later I'm 19 and she's 22 about to be 23 three weeks from today.

"So does your silence mean you'll go with me Haley?" She smiled cheekily, and I almost caved in that moment, with everything that's been going on with her job and our money circumstances. She's been really stressed and hasn't smiled in awhile.

"I don't know..." I still didn't like the idea of going to watch people kill each other in a cage. I've heard those things get bloody and blood makes me nauseous.

She squealed, nearly tackling me to the ground as she gave me one of her famous bear hugs, "Thank you! I promise you'll enjoy it and I'll never ask you to do anything ever again."

She kisses my cheek before running off somewhere, there was only one place she could go. We lived in a small one bedroom apartment, it was all we could afford at the moment. I didn't mind sharing, privacy didn't bother me as much, because living in group homes your whole life. Privacy isn't an option.

I was in my second year of college, I got in on an scholarship. I was majoring in psychology but I didn't exactly know what I wanted to do with my life. It changed everyday.

"Please be nice to Corrine, I already talked to her and I told her you were okay with her." I rolled my eyes at that, corrine was Anna's best friend and I absolutely hated her.

She was always criticizing me on everything I did, not to mention she was always out with my sister as if she doesn't have a home. Her family is rich.

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