If I Could Name My Pain

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If I could put a name to my pain,

and compare its beauty to the stark white skies

and the blue phantoms of the sea,

I would.

If I could portend my fate before all is too late, 

and unwind time over and over to relive the moment

where we fell together like two particles in the universe,

I would.

If somehow the sky is red and the earth is sqaure,

and that we could unknowingly fall off its edge,

but I would assume that the universe is limited and

I would find you.

If somehow fate has other plans for us,

and if destiny are to tear us apart,

and we are robbed of our "happily-ever-after",

I would seek you, hold you, and rewrite the tale.

If somehow I should be forced to leave you,

and if our frail human minds deteriorate with the passing of time,

and if you have already forgotten me like how I will never forget you,

I would be in pain, yet I would rest in peace too.

[Also published on: http://live-and-dictate.blogspot.sg/2013/08/if-i-could-name-my-pain.html]

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