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I present to you, Satan's work - well known for killing lots of readers with lots of feels.
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So this family might be a little messy but I can assure you'll get used to it and it won't be silly nor confusing

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So this family might be a little messy but I can assure you'll get used to it and it won't be silly nor confusing.

Sneak peek? Sneak peek.
It will be basically what I had already written to be the first chapter.


"Of course... I'll just catch the bus. It's no problem, Mrs. Nolan."

The woman had told her she would come pick her up after school because it was the first day. Apparently she had one more interview to do.

She sighed. Her life would never get better, would it?

"Going home, blondie?"

She kept walking, feeling their eyes on her. The trick was ignoring and they'd stop.

"Hey girl, are you ignoring me?" she felt her arm being grabbed, her body turning around and suddenly facing a dark-haired guy.

"Let go of me now." She pushed her arm away from him and kept walking. "Asshole."

She heard his friends laughing at him. They would have never expected a little innocent orphan blonde to be quite the opposite. She was used to it though.

She sat on the bench, waiting for the bus to come.

It was the first day of grade twelve. Everyone was already friends with each other and that was the shittiest situation ever, especially for her. She wasn't good with people.

Everyone went out for lunch together, to celebrate a new year of studies. That explained why she was the only person waiting for a bus to go home. Well, she and another guy that was already sitting there, looking down at his phone.

"You're in my english class."

She looked up to see him talking to her. Yup, it was to her.

"I'm Killian Jones. And I don't bite by the way." he tapped the empty space on the bench next to him.

She sighed. She was fine on her feet. What did this guy want?

"I'm fine thanks."

"New in school?"

"New in the city." she chuckled.

"That's awful."

An awkward silence set between them. That bus was taking so long.

"Why didn't you go with the others?" she asked, afraid of being annoying him and promised herself to stay quiet after he answered.

"My father needs me at home today."

"Hum..." she nodded.

When she looked up, the bus had arrived and it was stopping in front of the two.

The bus had already some people in it and she walked right to the back seats.
He was right behind her and she was praying for him to not sit next to her or near or Gods just please she really didn't want to face 15 awkward minutes without knowing what to say.

Fortunately, he sat 2 seats in front of her and she sighed with relief.

They only waved each other goodbye when the bus stopped near her house and she had to pass by him on her way out.

During a 3 minutes walk to her house, she couldn't stop programming everything she was going to do right when she got in her house. She loved, loved being alone at home. That was the only part of the day where she could just be herself.

And for a moment she was kinda grateful Regina had a sudden interview and couldn't pick her up. She was grateful her sister Olivia - wait no, foster sister - was having lunch with her friends. She was grateful David only arrived home with little Neal at 6 o'clock.

She was grateful to not have to face them.

She grabbed the rests from last night's dinner that David had saved to her and put it in the microwave. That would be her lunch.
She was almost 18, almost an adult and she didn't even know how to cook.

After eating in silence and going upstairs to her bedroom she looked at her phone, 01:43pm.

Her foster sister should be coming anytime now. Regina being the one bringing her home of course.
Deep down she knew there was no interview at all. Regina was an important financial manager in the city indeed, but she knew she only had made that up because Olivia had called her telling her to pick her up later, because of the lunch thing.

It's not like catching a bus was a big deal.
It was because she had told her she would pick her up.
And maybe Emma was expecting too much if she was thinking Regina Nolan would pick her up on her car and ask her how was her first day of school.

It didn't use to be like this.
She wasn't like this when they welcomed her to the family.

A messy family though, but David had explained it all to her once.

Basically David met Regina Mills and they quickly fell in love. Regina had been married to Sean, and the two had a daughter named Olivia. That was 18 years ago.
Eight years ago David and Regina married and 2 years after, they had Neal, her 6-year-old brother.

Then this summer, they adopted her.
Why? She had no idea. Most families had a reason. Or because they couldn't have kids, or they were just pitty, or because the person wasn't lucky in love, or maybe they didn't want to go through pregnancy, whatever it was, the Nolan family didn't show any of these options.

But she would never complain about this.
Because this? Was the best she has ever had. A house. A family. A little brother that she loved so much.

Suddenly the door opened, showing Olivia and Regina.

"Ems, you had your lunch?" Regina asked when Emma appeared downstairs.



And she only saw them again at dinner.

"How was your first day at school, Emma?" David asked her as he cooked dinner.

"It was good. The school is great."

"Any new friends?"

"Ah- yeah, I talked with some." she lied. She didn't want to sound unhappy to her foster parents. After welcoming her and taking care of her, she couldn't disappoint them.

"Any complications just tell me, Emma. It can be hard to change. You don't have to do it alone."

She nodded and smiled.

She wasn't alone anymore. Everything one day would be fine.

"Emma are you going this friday with us?"


"The party? Oh right you weren't there at lunch. We planned a new year party this friday night. You should come and you know, meet new people." This was kinda the first time Olivia was including her in anything. "Everyone's coming."

"I'll think about it." Definitely not going.

"You should go, Emma. It will be fun." David said in front of her at the table.

She sighed. They wouldn't let go, would they?
She wasn't going and that was a definite and clear no.


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