"First up, Neji Hyūga" Neji got eight out of ten for both shuriken and kunai. Sasuke, and Sasuko got the same score of eight out of ten, and Kiba got seven out of ten. "Naruto Uzumaki, you are up." Naruto walked up and grabbed the Kunai and Shuriken and threw them all at the same time, he got a perfect score for both. "Uzumaki-kun is good" whispered the few civilians in the group, Sasuko looked at the blond in wonder, she knew how difficult that is and how much training it must have taken. Sasuke, Kiba and Neji just glared until they were deterred by Hoshiko again as he showed his fangs and they turned away. "Good job Naruto. We'll up with the last few people then we're moving on to taijutsu." Naruto was rushed by a group of overenthusiastic children eager to meet who seemed like the best student. Naruto just flashed them a smile and a hand in the air was enough for them to clear a path for him as they blushed. Masae smiled at the minor genjutsu Naruto used to clear a path for them.

The three lazed at the back of the group until Iruka called out to them. "Naruto since you were best with shuriken and kunai why dont you go first." Iruka said as he stepped into a pre drawn circle. "Hai Umino_san, may I use my katana?" Iruka nodded and said "For now, it's normally considered kenjutsu and wouldn't be allowed but I just need to gauge your skill, and just call me Iruka_sensei Narut.o" Naruto and Iruka both got into stances, Naruto drew his katana and lowered into a loose stance.

Iruka ran forward with the speed of a genin. Naruto and Iruka clashed blades as Iruka drew a kunai. Iruka having attacked in an overhead strike, Naruto began to raise his blade in an attempt to lop off Iruka's right arm. Iruka blocked the strike with his Kunai and pushed Naruto back a small amount of force, then attempted to slash from Naruto's left to right shoulder. Naruto dodged under the swipe and jumped forward much faster than he had been going before with an outstretched knee that hit Iruka in the stomach taking away his breath, then Naruto extended his leg and kicked Iruka. Iruka was hit by Naruto's kick and sent backwards. Naruto sheathed his katana, "What are you doing Naruto? You haven't lasted two minutes yet." Naruto pointed to Iruka's feet, Iruka had the good grace to blush at his loss. Iruka was outside of the small circle, Iruka coughed and looked away for a moment "Well, good job. You pass Naruto."

Naruto bowed then walked to a tree that provided shade. Masae stayed to see the matches while Hoshiko and Naruto slept. Naruto was awoken to danger for the second time today, Naruto didn't open his eyes but he blocked a fist and held onto it. Naruto quickly recognized the chakra."What do you need Uchiha_san?" Asked Naruto. "I need a fight Uzumaki, and you're going to fight me and lose" Naruto could hear the cocky smirk that 'graced' Sasuke's face. "I'll fight him Naruto_nii" said Hoshiko in Naruto's mind. Naruto made a ram sign only using his left hand and Hoshiko turned into his human form, the whole class was shocked at the wolf's now human form. "If you can beat me, THEN you can fight Naruto_nii" said Hoshiko is a menacing voice. "Dont kill him Hoshiko." Naruto said as he released Sasuke and went back to sleep. Sasuke threw a punch at Hoshiko who let Sasuke hit him, the force of the punch wasn't enough to move Hoshiko's face from the direction it was facing. Seeing that scared Sasuke, Hoshiko grabbed Sasuke by the collar and threw him towards the academy. Sasuke's face rubbed across the dirt and leaves. When he got up he turned to Masae and threw a kunai, in a blur Iruka held Sasuke's kunai in front of Sasuke with the handle facing Sasuke. "You shouldn't attack a leaf shinobi's comrade with the intent to kill Sasuke" said Iruka calmly. Sasuke laughed "you think that thing is on our side, it's a wild animal that will turn on all of us when it has the chance" Masae gritted her teeth. "Naruto_nii, human form NOW" Masae said in a sickly sweet voice. Naruto made a ram sign, Masae turned into her human form, all the boys who were looking blushed at her beauty. Masae drew a white and blue rapier from her side and stalked towards Sasuke and put the tip of the thin sword against Sasuke's chest above the heart. Sasuke couldn't move, he was captivated by her beauty. "You dare to call me a wild animal, you two-bit Uchiha. I expected better from Itachi's brother. But i guess not duckbutt." Naruto laughed from the tree. His laugh made all the girls present blush at the deep voice. The laughter held a baritone voice that echoed across the trees and mocked Sasuke everytime the voice bounced into his ears. "Masae, would you mind-" Iruka couldn't finish his sentence as Masae's long ponytail split into nine parts and swayed behind her violently. Everyone decided to keep quiet, Iruka remembered when he saw Kushina's hair, it did that when she was angry. Naruto began to humm a peaceful tune, Masae slowly calmed down and reverted back to her wolf form. Masae walked over to Naruto and layed her head on his chest and started to sleep to the tune. Everyone who heard the tune began to feel drowsy, even Iruka. When the only thing that filled the air was wind, and Naruto's tune the bell rang and destroyed the peaceful song. Sasuko was the first to snap out of her trance, "was that a jutsu?" Asked Sasuko, Naruto responded calmly "in a way, yes. all i do is pour a certain amount of chakra into my vocal chords, and your brains turn it into the tone that pleases you most." Hoshiko turned back into his wolf form and bit Naruto's ear lightly, "I'll be going to Ichiraku ramen for lunch Iruka_sensei" Ino ran to Naruto's side "I'll go with you Naruto_kun" other girls joined by his side as he walked. "Yosh, your youth burns brightly Naruto" spouted Lee as he ran after Naruto. "I'm paying so if anyone wants ramen come with me" said Naruto. Iruka and the rest of the class joined them, Iruka offered to pay for the students, Naruto wouldn't allow it so they agreed that Iruka would pay for half. "Ayame_nee, i brought customers" Ayame wheeled around the corner and ran up to Naruto and hugged him tightly, much to Sasuko's jealousy he let her. "Ladies first" said Naruto as he brought up the rear of the line with Iruka while the girls blushed and ordered their food. "Hoshiko, get in here and help" shouted out Teuchi. "Hai, Teuchi_sensei" said Hoshiko as he turned into his human form with a chefs outfit on. "Teuchi_sensei?" Asked Iruka, "Hoshiko is training to become a ramen master" Naruto said as he petted Masae who now barely fit in his lap in wolf form. "One miso ramen Ayame_nee. " Teuchi and Hoshiko made the ramen and fed the whole class. "Naruto_nii, Yūgao_sensei" said Hoshiko as he pointed behind Naruto. Yūgao stood there, with Hayate. "Hello Hayate_san, how are you?" Yūgao, Hayate, and Ayame all scowled. "I told you to call me, Hayate_sensei Naruto" Naruto nodded, "so, what are we doing for training?" Asked Naruto, Sasuke, Sasuko, and Neji listened closely. "Me, Hayate, Masae, and Hoshiko against you, we'll hold back in a light spar, and you get your weights remade to be heavier." Naruto groaned "I'm still a kid, this is cruel and unusual punishment" Sasuke, Sasuko, and Neji were shocked, two jounin and two soon to be genin against one person for a simple sparing match, what was his intense training? "Iruka, can i borrow Naruto for Training?" "Sure Hayate, just make sure he comes back alive" said Iruka with a smile. Hayate and Yūgao suddenly drew their swords, Yūgao thrust her sword towards Naruto and Hayate was about to bring his sword down on Naruto's head. Naruto threw his chopsticks into his left hand and using his right hand he pulled his bowl of ramen off the counter and balanced it on his right foot. Naruto then turned around and usheathed his sword, he hit Yūgao's sword to the right and brought his own to Yūgao's throat, and caught Hayate's sword with his chopsticks. Yūgao's sword hit the wood counter and got stuck there. The stall was still, all the academy students were wide eyed at Naruto's skill. Hoshiko grabbed a kitchen knife and threw it at Naruto's head, Naruto vanished and apeared outside of the stall eating his ramen. No one could hear the padded feet of Masae as she jumped up and grasped the flying knife out of the air with her jaws, and ran at Naruto. Hoshiko did some hand signs and he shot out a fireball without saying the name of the jutsu. Naruto finished the ramen and tossed the bowl to Ayame who caught it, then threw his sword up and made 10 kage-bunshin and surrounded Hayate. "Lightning chain conect" The clones made a ram sign and from the tip of Naruto's sword to the clones hand signs was a crackling lightning bolt. As the sword fell into Naruto's hand the bolts hit Hayate who exploded into a log and the splinters poped all of Naruto's clones. Naruto slid under Hoshiko's fireball and clashed blades with Masae. Yūgao pryed her sword from the wood and wrapped her sword in chakra and rushed Naruto. Naruto jumped and ran away to a field and raised his gaurd. "Do you guys want to follow them and watch?" Asked Iruka, "we must watch Naruto's youth burn bright" said Lee as he ran to the nearby training ground with the rest of the class following. Naruto was holding off an onslaught of swords and fangs, Hoshiko turned Masae into her human form. Naruto jumped back to avoid the gauntlets that Hoshiko weilded, they have three sharp claws that extend past his fists. Masae thrusted at Naruto from behind, Naruto dug his left foot into the ground, doing so spun him around and he parried her blow and jumped above her. Yūgao wrapped her sword in chakra and swung at Naruto, Naruto used his lightning affinity and wrapped his sword in lightning chakra and swung at Yūgao. Naruto cut through Yūgao's sword and flipped his blade and hit her with the back of the sword and ran at Hoshiko and Hayate, Hayate lazily blocked and saw an opening in Naruto's defence but just kept blocking. "Mind helping Iruka_sensei?" Asked Masae as she kicked Naruto in the back of his shoulder and hit him with a low power water jutsu. Iruka smiled "why not the whole class too" Sasuke took no time to start throwing shuriken at Naruto. Naruto simply made a mud wall with a one handed sign. Naruto threw his sword down and made clones that surrounded everyone. "Lightning chain conect" shouted Naruto as the shinobi who remembered the attack and those who could dodge it moved away. Half of the shinobi Naruto was sparing with were knocked out by the attack. Naruto released his hand sign and clapped. The lightning shot up and made an inescapable tent of lightning. "Frayed lightning web" the bolts of lightning started to connect to each other in random places to make the inside of the tent look like a spider web, then like a frayed rope the lightning started to send off fibers of Lightning. "Kaiten" shouted Neji as he protected a small group of people. Neji, Hayate, Masae, Hoshiko, Sasuke, Yūgao, and Iruka all survived the deadly jutsu with twitching muscles and burnt bodies. No one moved until Naruto shunshied to his sword then back to where he was. Naruto put his sword on his right side with the tip of the blade facing away from him. The blade faced away from the group of fighters. "I dont know this stance, watch out" said Hoshiko as everyone went into a more protective stance. Naruto grabbed the hilt with both hands, "Heiwa no ken (sword of peace)" said Naruto as he turned the blade to face the ninja, as he did the loose hand gaurd made a beautiful sound of metal against metal which resulted in a chiming similar to a bell. At the sound of the bell all those who could hear the hand gaurd fell into a Genjutsu that put them in what they they think is true happiness and all of the affected ninja smiled truly happy smiles. Naruto made kage-bunshin that walked up calmly to the ninja and put their blades against their throats. The real Naruto released the genjutsu and smiled as the faces of the Ninja which ranged from astonishment, to rage, and pride for their student and brother. "Why didn't you tell us you had a new jutsu Naruto_nii" said Masae as she slashed the Naruto clone in front of her and ran to hug Naruto, "That's cheating Uzumaki" screamed Sasuke. "Now now, Uchiha. Genjutsus are perfectly alright" said Neji as he moved his neck away from Naruto's blade. "Itachi told us to always have jutsus only we know so we can always be prepared to win" Naruto said. Sasuke got very angry at that, "how dare a pitiful commoner like you speak about Itachi_nii like he's your friend" Naruto was able to ignore the insult, no one else was. A blur of black appeared in front of Sasuke and smacked him, the blur was Itachi. "What did you say Sasuke?" Asked Itachi as he put his hands on his hips and waited for a response. "Itachi_san, there's no need to punish him for something everybody does." Said Naruto in a voice too calm for the situation, Neji's eyes widened 'everybody?' Itachi sighed heavily. "Naruto that doesn't mean he should do it." Naruto faintly heard Itachi mutter a 'baka' under his breath. "That is true but he's just following the example the villagers have set for him. And that's what most do, they follow an example. There is no reason to blame him." Naruto said as he suddenly looked very mature. Naruto then made clones that picked up all the knocked out people all over the training ground. The clones walked back to the class, some woke up on the way and got out of his arms, most of the girls just wrapped their arms around his neck and blushed, Sasuko woke up but didn't try to get out of Naruto's arms as he made casual coversation and carried her blushing figure. Naruto made clones that helped the still awake ninja to where they neeeded to go. The real Naruto helped Neji get to class and they talked and laughed along the way to the class. The clone that helped sasuke kept getting poped, so Naruto let him limp on his own. Kiba and Naruto's clone became quick friends as they joked about the duckbutt Uchiha. Iruka and the Naruto clone he was given discussed the important topic of what is the best ramen flavor, which turned into a heated debate, and then laughed about what they had just done. When the entire group finally reached the class they were all in good moods, all but one. Sasuke was the only one who was in a sour mood. Naruto sat down at the spot he sat at before and Neji, and Kiba eagerly sat on either side of him as Akamaru and Naruto's wolves got along well. The three boys got along well as the year progressed slowly to graduation. They all knew the others houses by heart by graduation, they had almost daily training sessions. Kiba, and Neji learned that the village does not take kindly to Naruto. As they walked through the village, Akamaru and the wolves were in kiba's clan dog spa. When the trio walked through the village someone threw a tomato and it hit Naruto in the face, he knew it was coming at him, but he let it hit him. Soon the villagers surrounded them and threw more projectiles at the blonde. Neji used a kaiten to protect Naruto, Kiba put some of his animal like chakra into the kaiten by placing his palm on Neji's back. As the kaiten was given animal chakra it developed what looked like claw like weapons on the outside that sawed through the fruit and metal. The villagers stepped back from the defense and some ran away, Neji stopped when he felt Kiba stop giving him chakra and go to Naruto with a rag in hand. "Thank you" Naruto said weakly as he grabbed the rag and cleaned his face of the red tomato liquid. The three continued to the classroom from the Inuzuka compound where they spent they had night. When they arrived at the academy they sat in their usual seats just as the bell rung. Iruka then began to say "today is the day of graduation, I'd like you all to know I'm proud that none of you have failed a single assignment I've given you. Now lets start by the ranking of 1st in class to last. Let's go Naruto" Naruto walked away as his two best friends wished him luck. Naruto walked into the medium sized room, "we already know you can do these Naruto so we are going to ask you to use a jutsu instead." Said Iruka as he sat down, "use any fire jutsu you know of" Mizuki said as he already checked off Naruto as passed with a proud smile on him. Naruto threw his sword to his right and said "fire chain connect" as a string of fire connected to his hand sign from his sword. Naruto caught his sword before he set the academy on fire, Iruka nodded and said "can you get Neji to come out here, and grab a headband of your choice from the table" Naruto nodded happily and comically waddled over to the head bands and grabbed a white headband that matches the border of his kimono. Naruto walked into the classroom while throwing his headband up and down in his hand. When he entered the room he tied on his headband as he walked to his seat and listen to all the praise, "Nice Naruto_kun" said Hinata as she stuttered throughout the short sentence. Naruto turned to face her and bowed a small amount "thank you Hinata_sama" then he walked away as Hinata almost fainted. "Good luck Neji, your up" Naruto said as he sat down and talked with Kiba. Neji returned soon after with a headband now covering his birdcage seal. Neji smiled all the way into the classroom and patted Kiba's shoulder and said "you're up mutt" Kiba gasped and put his hand to his heart, then calmed his act and said "your no better ya blind freak" as he walked away. Neji did the same thing as Kiba did then fake fell into his seat while Naruto laughed. Kiba walked back in looking sad, Naruto and Neji got worried as he sat down and said "your up Sasuke". "Hey, you'll pass next time" Naruto said comfortingly as he patted Kiba's back. Kiba then took out his headband from his pocket and tied it around his forehead as Naruto and Neji got angry and started to throw random stuff at him. When they ran out of things to throw Naruto and Neji picked up their chairs and were about to throw them while Kiba was holding his sides from the pain of laughter. "What are you three doing?" Asked Mizuki and Iruka as they walked in to see two very angry teens about to throw chairs at Kiba, and the rest of the class laughing, even the stoic Uchihas. Kiba whiped his tears from his eyes and sat down and Naruto hit him "Nothing Iruka_sensei" said Neji as he calmed down. "Okay. . . Sakura, and Ino sadly didn't pass, we will announce the teams tommorow, now get outta here." Kiba bolted as Naruto and Neji followed with Naruto drawing his katana and Neji activating his Byakugan.

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