Chapter 1

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Time skip to Naruto at age 12.

Naruto woke up to danger as he often did, he wondered when he could wake up in peace again. Naruto quickly leaned up just before a katana pierced through his pillow and through his bed and scraping the floor. Naruto whirled around on a heel he placed under himself and kicked with his other leg Yūgao blocked with her own leg but was still sent into the far wall. 'Ouch, a bit harsh Naruto.' Hoshiko said to Naruto. Masae yawned and moved around the early morning brawl and made her way towards the fridge as she spoke to Naruto despite being a wolf "Naruto, human form please". Naruto made a ram sign as he barely ducked under Yūgao's blade, both Hoshiko and Masae were enveloped in smoke. Masae walked out of the smoke to reveal a beautiful girl just slightly shorter than Naruto wearing a white kimono with a blue border, and a long silver ponytail. Her head held alluring silver eyes and a heart shaped face. Hoshiko jumped from his smoke in order to dodge Yūgao's sword. His spiky ash gray hair swaying with the movement, and his dark gray Yukata with a red border flapping with the air. His gray eyes searching for danger as he moved out of range of the fighting duo.

Hoshiko walked to the small kitchen and helped Masae cook the simple breakfast. The two wolves turned humans moved with an uncommon grace. When they finished with the food, Naruto sat down and panted trying to calm his breathing. Yūgao sat down with the ease of the victor. "And who's the dog?" Asked Hoshiko not looking up from his food, Yūgao smacked the back of his head in retribution for her star pupil. Naruto chuckled at the wolf's mocking and Masae cuffed him for it while she and Yūgao smiled at the familiar scene fondly. When breakfast was done Naruto walked into his room and came out in a orange Yukata with a white border, that was loosely put on which revealed a part of his scar covered yet muscular chest. Walking out made Masae blush both in embarrassment and anger at the sight.

Hoshiko whistled "Lady killer in the room." Naruto flashed him a smile and a double thumbs up, "Why thank you for the meal Masae" Naruto said as he patted the blushing girl. "Yes it was quite delicous Masae" Yūgao said then added "Are you ready for your first day of the academy Naruto?" Naruto tensed a bit, but quickly relaxed. "As ready as I imagine I can be." When everyone was done eating Naruto and Hoshiko cleaned up, Masae and Hoshiko turned back into wolves with a simple hand sign. The group took to the buildings to avoid the glares that Naruto would likely recieve. When they arrived at the academy Yūgao put on her mask and hugged Naruto and the wolf twins, then shunshied to the Hokage tower, the trio walked into the building as the bell rang. When they reached the class Naruto opened the door to see all the girls in the room have eyes roaming across him while the boys appeared to be sizing him up. Naruto repressed the urge to fidget under the eyes of his peers. Then Hoshiko and Masae walked in next to Naruto. The wolfs were now to the height of Iruka's waist, a size any Inuzuka ninken would be hard pressed to match. As Naruto walked to the back of the class to sit alone, Sasuko Uchiha (fem Sasuke), Neji Hyūga, Sasuke Uchiha, and Inuzuka Kiba all looked at Naruto as he walked.

Hoshiko seeing Naruto was vastly uncomfortable with the whole class looking at him snarled causing the whole class to turn away if fear or to look at him. Naruto scratched Hoshiko behind his left ear and placed his katana on the table. "Would you mind explaining why you were late on the first day?" Naruto had a deep voice for his age that rumbled through the room. "I offer no excuses Umino-san. I shall do my best to arrive on time next time." Masae noticed a few people blush and some cringe at Naruto's unique voice. "I hope that is a true statement. Seeing as how you were late, or rather right on time despite the notice to come early. You've missed the introduction of your class, but please introduce yourself." Iruka instructed

"I am Uzumaki Naruto, this is Masae, and this is Hoshiko." Said Naruto as he pointed to the silver wolf that was laying on the open space on the desk to Naruto's left, and the wolf by his side observing the class for any threats. Iruka nodded and moved on with the description of how the year would progress. 'You guys are starting to grow pretty big.' Naruto said in his mind as he truly observed the wolves he called his brother and sister. 'Do not forget Naruto, when you grow we do as well. It's a two-way system. Soon you will reach a growth spurt and we all will grow in turn.' Masae said. Naruto tuned out the class until he heard "-outside to measure your skills" everyone stood up and walked outside to the training feilds. Naruto grabbed his katana and placed it on it's perch on the left side of his hip then followed the class.

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