chapter one / moving

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i look at the house standing in front of me. it's not ugly, it's not super small, but it's okay. will it fit four people?

"come on, hun!" my mum calls.

i grab the three bags i packed and follow her into the house. i bet my brothers are already picked the best rooms, as their thumping around upstairs.

"go pick your room!" my mum tells me. as much as i want a good room, i'm too tired to even move.

i slowly walk up the stairs, dragging my bags behind me. as i reach the top, both my brothers close their doors shut loudly.

i guess i have a choice between the last two rooms at the end of the hall.

one room is nice and big, with a nice window. the floor is dark hardwood, and the room is well lit. i'll save this room for my mum.

i go into the other room, which is smaller and has carpet. i set my bags on the floor and flop onto the bed.

i hear music. i sit up. maybe my brothers are playing music. wait. my brothers wouldn't be playing exid. they hate girl groups.

i stand up and peer out of my room. no, my brothers are silent, suprisingly.

i listen more carefully. maybe it's the neighbours? mum said there is a family next door. i go to my window and sure enough, there it is.

right across from my window, theres another one. inside, a boy about my age is dancing and singing to exid.

he is kind of cute.

then the song changed, to orange caramel - my copy cat. i laugh.

i open up my window and shout, "hey!" but he doesn't hear. hmm. i grab a pencil and throw it at the window.

the boy shrieks and looks toward the window, i wave. he turns his music off and opens his window.

"hi." i say.

"are you the new neighbours?" he asks.

"i just moved with my family."

"oh, i'm seungkwan."

"hansol. i like you're singing voice, you're talented."

seungkwan smiles, "thank you, sorry if my music was bothering you."

"it's not, don't worry."

"okay good."

"do your parents not mind your loud music?" i ask.

"they aren't home. they'll be home at midnight."

"oh, so you're alone?"

"yeah, do you want to come over for dinner? as a welcoming gift?"

"hm, i'll ask."

i tell seungkwan to wait as i run to my mums room. "mum! i'm invited to the neighbours house for dinner as a welcoming gift, can i go?"

"you talked to the neighbours?" she asks, putting a shirt away.

"yeah, the neighbours son, seungkwan, his window is across from mine, we were talking."

"oh, well i guess you can, don't be too late, okay sweetie?"

"yay, thanks mum!" i run to her and kiss her on the cheek before running back to my room.

"seungkwan! i can go!" i yell through the window.

"yay! come at 4:00 okay?"


first chapter!
i wrote this thanks to the readers of unknown number! ily guys!
-eomma yoona

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