Chapter 28

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~Chloe's POV~

The Volturi are coming tomorrow. i had a vision about it this morning. I'm still not sure if i should tell my family about my powers or Addie's phasing. I think i should keep it a secret for now. Okay, so what i really need to do is get the powers from my mom. It is going to be painful for my brain, but it is neccisary to keep my family safe. I learned to be brave from Uncle Jasper. I will be brave, no matter what. I'll admit, i'm a little freaked out to know that the most powerful royal vampire family and a group of newborns are coming to kill me, but i will not let fear come before responsibility. It is my responsibility to protect my family.

~Addie's POV~

Well, there is a slight chance that my family and i are going to die tomorrow. i'm freaking out. I'm letting Chloe handle everything becuase i can barely think strait with all my fear. I walk into my twin's room and sit on the bed next to her. she is drawing something on a peice of paper. It looks like a bunch of random shapes and lines to me.

"What is that?" i ask.

"A battle plan." she replies.

"Wanna go hunt?" i ask, trying to get the whole battle, and possibly fight where we all die, out of my head. Chloe sighs and gets up.

"Sure, why not?" she says. We jump out her window and head into the woods.

~Jasper's POV~

I walked into Chloe's room. She just left to go hunting a few minutes ago. She is growing up so fast! I remember when she was just born and couldnt even hol hewr own head up. I looked around her room real fast and was about to leave, when my eyes zeroed in on a peice of paper. I walked over to it and stopped. It was a battle plan, marking where each person would be and what they were going to do. It was labeld, 'PLAN FOR TOMORROW'.

I picked it up and ran down stairs.

"Does anyone know why Chloe is planning battle strategies?" i ask my family. "And why she and Addie are the ones doing almost all of the fighting?"

Alice and Bella glance at eachother, then look away. Everyone else shakes their head.

"Alice? Bella? You know something that we don't, don't you?" i ask. They shake their heads. Alice writes something on her hand and shows Bella, before rubbing it off. Then, i'm on the ground with Bella pinning me down. Alice has the Strategy map and is folding it up and tucking into her pocket. Bella let's me up and they both run out of the house together.

"What just happened?" I ask. Everyone shakes their heads in an, 'I don't know', sort of way.


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