The next morning, I woke up with someone’s arm around me. I slowly opened my eyes and found my breath caught in my throat when my gaze fell onto Reece’s sleeping face.

It never failed to amaze me how peaceful and innocent he looked as he slept – with the way his shaggy brown hair cascaded over his closed eyes and his steady breathing…It’s funny how he reminds me of both an Angel and the Devil sometimes.

My eyes trailed down to see him still half naked…in my bed. I couldn’t even remember when I had fallen asleep beside him last night!

I looked at the clock hanging off my wall – it read five-thirty in the morning.

My parents would be back soon.

Oh crap.

Panicking, I did the only thing reasonable at the time.

I pushed Reece off the bed.

He landed on the ground with a thump, and I immediately felt sorry for him. I watched him rub his eyes as he just registered what had happened.

“Did you just push me off the bed?”

A blush of embarrassment and guilt formed on my cheeks, nevertheless, I began yelling at him.

“Yes, now get out!”

Reece looked dazed, confused and completely adorable, “Woah, eaaasy killer…did you forget to take your meds? Or are you experimenting with your dosage?”

“Reece, get out! My parents will be back any minute!” I cried in frustration as I threw a pillow at him.

He sighed and shook his head in disappointment while getting up, “Jeez, who lit the fuse to your tampon?”

I threw another pillow at him. “Hey!”

Reece walked towards my window and lifted it up, “Okaaay, Chill. I don’t know what you’re on, but I’m sure they offer Rehabilitation Programs for it.”

With that he jumped out of my window and swung on the tree branch.

I leaned against the windowsill and watched him get inside his room right when my parents’ car swerved into our driveway.

I let out a sigh of relief - that had been really close.


“What do you mean you’re going to Cambodia?” I exclaimed while watching my parents pack their bags.

My mum frantically folded her clothes and asked my dad to help her zip up the luggage. “We’ve both been asked to go there and help treat children and families that have extreme medical conditions. Our flight is in an hour; we’ll be back in two weeks. I’m so sorry this is all so sudden baby.”

“But…what about me? Am I staying here alone for two weeks?”

Who’s going to cook dinner for me?!

I could just barely manage to make toast without it burning.

“Don’t be silly, did you really think we would leave you without an adult looking after you? I mean - you’d starve to death. No offense honey, but you can’t even make two-minute noodles if your life depended on it.”

I ignored her comment.

“So…what’s going to happen?” I asked them as I followed them down the stairs where they checked if they hadn’t forgotten anything.

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