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Zendaya P.O.V
It's been one year since, me and the love of my life has gotten married. And let me tell you, it has been nothing but pure amazement. Marianna is now one years old, and let me tell you she is a joy but a handful. I start back working on KC Undercover, and I'm getting back in the studio. My life is going pretty great at the moment. I mean me and Trevor have our ups and downs but other than that, everything is going great. Happy life makes a Happy wife...right?

Trevor P.O.V
It has been one year with my amazing wife. We've been loving this married life. I mean we have had our ups and downs but...other than that everything is going really well. My Babygirl is really growing up on me, she is now one years old and a joy but sassy as ever. I really want another baby soon, but Zendaya is not ready for another one yet. I'm still in this deal with Justina that I'm working really hard to get out of. I start working on American Crime soon and I head on tour and the studio very soon, so I'll be gone from my babies for a while but it's all for them. Other than that, life is great!

Diggy P.O.V
It's been one year and me and Deja just got married, yes she told me about Jacob and I forgive her, it took me a while to forgive the both of them. That's my baby though, I'm still trying to rekindle the friendship that I have With Jacob. It's getting better day by day. Sometime Deja still struggle with relapse but I'm here to help my baby through I'm just ready for a baby all my niggas have one but I don't.

Deja P.O.V
It's been one year, and yes me and Diggy are married. Y'all know that's my baby, I can't never stop loving him, no matter how fucked up I treated him, he still treats me like I never did any of that. I love him for that. Sometimes my heart plays tug a war with Jacob, but Diggy is my baby. Sometimes I want to relapse when my mind be thinking about me and Jacob but I remind my self everyday that Diggy is my husband and will always be. Diggy wants a baby, I just don't know yet. We will see.

Jacob P.O.V
Yo yo wassup. It's been what...damn a year. A lot of shit has happened in my life. My Babygirl is almost 2 years old, and that's daddy baby, I'm still fighting custody over her with her mother Ashley, that's been a battle but we getting through it. Good and my baby Jailee is engaged! Yep that's right ya boii is getting married, I'm gon try this marriage life and see just how good everybody says it is. We gon see. Me and my bro Diggy working some things out, I feel real terrible I did Brody like that...I really had to explain myself, I don't know what me and Deja was thinking we was just on some shit. Other than that everything is going smooth.


RELEASE DATE: March 23 2016


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