Chapter IX- Hopeless

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"What have you done!" Obi-Wan cried out, facing directly towards Darth Bane's tomb. Anakin fell to the ground. His agony filled screams subsided as he drifted into oblivion.

Even though Darth Bane's physical form was gone, his voice still remained. "The tests have begun." No longer than Obi-Wan heard those menacing words, he felt himself give in to his own unconsciousness.

At first everything was just a big blur of scenery. Mostly red, grey and orange hues, but then it got clearer. Obi-Wan was standing on a battle field. The sky was a blood red colour and the air was filled with smoke and the smell of fire. Broken battle droids were piled up in every direction Obi-Wan looked, as well as the Republic's dead clone troopers.

Bodies and bodies lay among the dirty, blood spattered ground, with demolished buildings that once were so beautiful.

Civilians of the now destroyed city were left trembling in fear from the harsh battle that just occurred. The destruction was so massive, Obi-Wan couldn't tell whom came out victorious. It seemed to him, that what ever attack had gone on here, no one had won.

The Force felt dense. Dense with sorrow, dread and death. Obi-Wan could now feel the Force, but from the overwhelming vibes, he kind of wished he couldn't. The things he could sense felt terrible. Everything seemed so hopeless.

From the state of the Force, he didn't sense someone coming up to him, until it was to late. Thankfully for him, it was only his old padawan, Anakin.

They both stared in silence, looking upon the former city turned battle field and the former civilians turned homeless. Apart from Obi-Wan and Anakin, they were the only living things on the field. Many of them huddled into themselves or their families, not acknowledging the two Jedi at all.

The scene was only presented in front of Obi-Wan a few moments ago, yet his Jedi ways and human instinct start to take shape. Jedi were taught to be selfless, caring and compassionate, and even though Obi-Wan had no idea where, when or how he got here, he must still be a Jedi.

He started to walk up to the people in an effort to guide them to refuge of maybe even comfort them, but a strong hand on his shoulder made him stop in his tracks. The hand was firm and forceful, and when Obi-Wan noticed who's hand it was, he was taken aback.

"You can't help them, Obi-Wan." Said Anakin in an emotionless tone. The way he spoke almost didn't sound like it was him, yet it was Anakin's voice, just showing no expression what so ever.

"And why not?" Obi-Wan stated.

"Because there is nothing you can do for them." Obi-Wan was startled by Anakin's words. They were completely uncharacteristic. Obi-Wan knew something was definitely wrong. "They're not worth saving. There is no point." The younger Jedi had always worn his heart on his sleeve, and now that Obi-Wan was seeing Anakin so emotionless and cold-hearted was frightening. He would never act like this.

"What are you talking about?" Obi-Wan questioned. Shock, confusion and a hint of fear were laced in his voice.

"You can't help. Nothing but hopelessness remains. Dreams of the bright future and a new dawn are now dead; buried. You can't save them. You can't help them. You must leave them. They are worthless." Said Anakin.

Obi-Wan couldn't believe that that was Anakin saying those dreadful remarks.

He would never! Obi-Wan tried to tell himself. This can't be Anakin!

As if the Jedi in front of him were reading his thoughts, Anakin said, "You're wrong, Obi-Wan. This is my true self, and this world is the true reality of the universe."

"It can't be. I won't let it be!" Obi-Wan said in denial. He tried to tell him self that all of this wasn't real, but it just felt so life-like. The could see the battle field, smell the smoke, hear the whimpers and sense the sorrow.

"You can't do anything. This world is one of many that will suffer, and you will be helpless to end the destruction." Anakin stared down Obi-Wan with his cold eyes. "All hope is lost."

"That's not true; there's always hope."

"Not anymore..."

Everything vanished. The people, the battle field, the bodies, the droids, the fires, the smoke and Anakin. Before Obi-Wan knew it, he was back where he started and always was. In the Temple on Moraband.


So that was Obi-Wan's trials, but that did that all mean? Was that really Anakin or just an illusion? What does he mean by 'All hope is lost'? Will Ahsoka have a trial, since Anakin and Obi-Wan did?

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