Chapter 31

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“Go on, eat. The sooner you finish your food the sooner I can get someone to take it away; don’t waste anyone’s time here.” Jonah ordered rudely before turning his attention to Harry, who had been standing at arm’s length from Evelyn ever since the other rude vampire had decided to interrupt without knocking or any kind of warning. “May I speak to you outside, mate?”

Harry nodded and Jonah swiftly twisted the heel of his feet and turned towards the door, giving Harry a look of encouragement to follow him, and – of course – Harry did, but there was a essence of unwillingness and Evelyn felt it.

Before he left the room with Jonah, Harry turned back and give the human a gentle, angelic smile, a smile that showed an apologetic sorrow and reassurance at the same time. Instantly, Evelyn knew what the smile meant. The smile was a smile of parting, a goodbye, as if Harry knew that they would never see each other again.

Evelyn torn her eyes from Harry and focused on Jonah, his head slightly tilted to the side to view the parting between Evelyn and Harry.

‘May I speak with you mate’ The older vampire’s voice echoed in Evelyn's ears and she sensed a voice of authority and slight anger.

Evelyn didn’t know what was going on, but something about that menacing look Jonah threw the two – well that menacing look was the usual look that he looked at Evelyn with, but never Harry, he always looked at Harry with respect and veneration. But now, he looked at him with suspicion, and that usual intimidating look he often stare Evelyn down with. Also, the way that Harry was behaving… when Jonah entered the room, he pulled himself so suddenly, and so rapidly away from her, it was like the two had been caught making out… naked.

Evelyn noticed that twitch in Harry’s hand; it looked like he was shaking…

“You can’t take him.” She spoke up the very same moment that Harry stepped out of Zayn’s bed-room, that was in his bedroom. She tried to make herself sound strong and full of authority; the way that Zayn always sounded, but failed. Her voice came out frail and weak, like a terrified little child, and in a way, she was; comparing to Jonah.

“Why can’t I?” Said Jonah, his voice was cold and harsh; it sent a chill down Evelyn's spine. She felt like he was mocking her, and though she couldn’t see his face at that very moment, she knew he would be smirking, and rolling his eyes out of her stupidity to think that she can stop him from doing anything that he wanted to.

“We were talking, didn’t your mother ever told you that you shouldn’t interrupt two people while they’re talking?” Said Evelyn, this time her voice was slightly louder, but she still mimicked the tone of a scared child. No power of ruthlessness behind her voice like the way that Zayn spoke. Still, she was immensely proud of herself for speaking up and not just let Jonah take Harry away like that. “It’s rude.”

During her short stay at the Royal City, Jonah was someone whom Evelyn had never made much conversation with. He was just a high ranked guard who roam the palace to ensure everyone was safe, and a close friend of Zayn… He always looked at her like she was a piece of trash, a rodent. In more ways than one, Evelyn saw shadows of Zayn in Jonah, they had that same ruthlessness in their eyes when they’re angry, and they both had that look of calmness when deep down, they were furious.

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