Consulting with Lily

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** Oh and this book will mostly be in Londons POV unless stated other wise ENJOY!!**

*Londons POV*

I was woken up by pans clattering on the kitchen floor and my dad shouting shit. I decided to go and see what all the noise was about.

"Dad what are you doing?" I asked him then yawned

"I was trying to make breakfast" He said

"Dad, you can't cook" I said laughing

"Says who" He asked sassily

"Everyone who has tasted your food" I retorted

"Fine then I wont make breakfast" He said

"Okay then" I said and grabbed a bowl and the coco pops then grabbed the milk from the fridge.

"Oh and London the we leave for tour in three days but I'm taking you to La plush tomorrow" Said my dad

"Okay I'll start packing once I've finished my breakfast" I said sad that I don't get to go on tour this time.

Once I had finished my cereal I went up stairs to start packing. I made sure I had everything packed, Laptop, Charger, Straighteners, Hair stuff and enough clothes to last me 3 months. Once I had finished I checked the time only to find out it had taken me 3 hours to pack. I left some clothes out for tomorrow and today, so I got dressed in my sweats and Andys batman t-shirt that I stole from him but it's more like a dress on me. I went down stairs to find that the guys were there.

"Hey! that's my t-shirt!" Whined Andy

"Not anymore it's not" I said and went and sat on CCs lap

"Hey Wolfie" He said and ruffled my hair.

"Hey CC" I said and ruffled his hair as well

"LJ tell Ashley that I could easily beat him at Mario kart!" Shouted Andy and I groaned

"Andy I hate to say this bro but even CC bet you at it and CC quite frankly is shit at Mario kart, no offense CC" I said and CC said none taken.

"See told you!" Shouted Ash

"If you're going to keep whining why don't you just play the fucking game, Jeez" I said agitated and left.

I decided to go for a shower then go for a run. Once I got out of the shower I got dressed in a sports bra and a pair of cotton shorts.

"DAD! I'M GOING FOR A RUN!" I shouted and left before I could get a response.

I ran the short way to the forest and phased and luckily my clothes didn't shred this time, I've been trying to phase with out shredding my clothes and so far it's going well.

I ran until I ended up at a cliff over looking the beach where I cliff dive. My dad doesn't know about me cliff diving but if he did he would probably ban me from doing it. I didn't cliff dive today instead I just sat with my legs dangling over the edge of the cliff. I sat there for about an hour an a half then decided it was time to go home before my dad came searching for me. I phased without ripping my clothes and ran back to the edge of the forest then jogged home.

When I got home my dad was just putting lunch out.

"Hey dad" I said and kissed his cheek

"Hey LJ, have a nice run?" He asked

"Yeah, just went to the beach and walked about there for a bit" I lied easily

"Ok, well will you go get the guys from the music room would ya?" He asked

"Sure" I said and made my way down to the basement or 'music room' as we call it.

"Guys lunch is ready" I said and I got replies like 'Ok', 'One minute or 'Yeah' and they put down their instruments and followed me up stairs.

My dad had made sandwiches for lunch, thank god. At least he didn't try to cook something or we would have all been starving.

Once we had finished lunch the guys went home and I asked if I was allowed to go to my best friends house and my dad said yes so I changed into my black skinny jeans with my t-shirt that says 'I will not keep calm and you can fuck off' and then threw on my dark purple BKs then started walking to her house which is only 2 minutes away from mine. I just walked in like I owned the place.

"Hi Mrs A" I said while taking my shoes off

"Hi London, Lily's up stairs" She said coming through and giving me a hug

"Thanks Mrs A" I said making my way up the stairs and walked into Lilys  bedroom

"Hey Lil" I said

"LJ!!!" She cheered and came and crushed me in a hug

"Hey Jitterbug" I said using the nickname I gave her

"Hey Giraffe" She said using the nickname she gave me

It's quite funny seeing us stand next to each other because I'm 5''8 and Lily's 5''2 so she has to look up to speak to me.

We sat on her bed joking around until her mum came in asking if I wanted to stay for tea and I told her I'd have to phone my dad and ask, so that's what I did.

*PHONE CALL* J=Jake  L=London


J- Hey LJ

L- Hey dad can I stay and Lilys for tea?

J- Sure but be home by 9, Ok?

L- Ok love ya dad

J- Love you too, Hun


"My dad says it's ok for me to stay but I have to be home by nine" I said

"Ok we better go tell my mum" She said

So we headed down stairs to tell Lilys mum that I was allowed to stay for tea and once we had done that we went into the living room and started watching SpongeBob. Lilys mum shouted us for tea and once we had finished me and Lily did the dishes while Mrs A went for a shower. Once we did the dishes I told Lily about me going to La plush while my dad was on tour. She said she could see what my dad meant but she also thought he should have told me sooner. It was almost nine so I said goodbye to Lily an her mum and made my way home.

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