Hey im Y/N so my boyfriend is ray ray from mindless behavior and he abuses me .
I know your probably like bitch leave .
It's not that simple. If I even touch a fly he will slap the shit out of me.

Y/N : ( phone convo) hey baby what do you want to eat?

Ray: where the fuck you at it 6:30 you was suppose to be home at 5:00

Y/N : I had to go to the market that's why I'm asking you what you want for dinner

Ray: no bitch you ask me if you can go to the market .. Don't just go and I want tacos when you get home I'm gonna fuck you up (hangs up phone )

Y/n hangs up the phone and checks out at the market. On her way home she was so scared to go in the house but she just went (pulls up outside )

Ray : give me the bags now

Y/n hands him the bags

Ray takes her upstairs . He turns on the stereo and starts beating the shit out of her .... While she's pleading for him to stop he won't she has blood trickling down her face and its really bad. He notices and stops . You
scooted away from him .

Y/n : ray why do you do this to me I'm always good to you !

Ray: Y/n baby I'm sorry it just slips it gets the best of me and I get scared when your out of my sight .

Y/n that's still not a reason for you to beat me

What will happen next ?

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