What If...

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~Jacks p.o.v~

After meeting (Y/N) at the coffee shop I walked home in silence. My mind still lost in her eyes. Its been so long since I've seen her. And my feelings for her have grown.

I tried dating after she left, by what can I say? It didn't work. She's my Tinkerbell. What if I can be her Peter?

I'm sorry i love peter pan...

I walk through the door did a comments video and an Ori and the blind forest video. Saved them so I can edit later. Flopped on my bed and ran my hands through my green hair. What if she likes me too? What if she loves me, like I love her? So many questions that can't be answered.

My phone vibrated and I checked the ID. Mark was calling.
J: hey...what's up?
M: not much bored, hey you seem kinda out of it what's up with you?
J: ...
M: you met a girl!
J: ...no....
M: you're a bad lier.
J: ...yes...?
M: what's her name?
J: (y/n)
M: you mean that girl that you went to school with?
J: yeah...?
M: awe you like her
J: yes, no...I don't know.
M: haha I'll let you go
J: Kay bye.

Yes I do like her. Not that I'd admit that to Mark. I like her alot. But I just don't know how she feels about me.

My mind traveled back to the day I found out she was being abused. Her beautiful (e/c) eye surrounded by a deep bluish purple. My instant hatred for her father. The day I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend she moved. Can you believe my luck? It broke me honestly.

Now I may have another chance. Maybe...what if... Was my last thought as I drifted to sleep...

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