Chapter 25: Results

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NaMi's POV

It's been a whole week since the meeting of the running candidates for the SSG election and to tell you it's really so hectic, we had to make flyers and post them all over the school boards, then do the campaigning and speeches with this and that yet that is not my main problem here, I was so busy with things that I suddenly remembered our deal with Sehun. Ugh... that agreement, I really regret it I mean it's not like I agreed to it but he seemed determined that I'll really become his slave.

Remember? If I won the election, I'll become his slave in return. A win-win situation if you say it. Yet if I lost, he would be my slave and vice-versa. Same thing win-win situation. But! Ugh! A slave? Of his? I already can imagine myself dressed like Cinderella who's clothes are torn and damaged, sweeping and cleaning his whole house and he'll be abusing me until I see death... Oh, no! This is really bad! Knowing Sehun, he's capable of everything. Aish... I hate my life!

I woke up in my reverie when everyone in the gymnasium cheered. What was happening? I saw Min who is seated beside me smiling at me and cheering my name out loud. What was happening anyway? I was spacing out the entire time that I didn't notice everyone's looking at me while cheering for my name. What on Earth is going on? Until then my eyes landed on Sehun who was sitting on my front far apart to the right side with a smirk on his face. I don't feel good about this.

"Congratulations to out newly elected SSG President, Miss Choi NaMi! Please give her a big hand!" The MC announced and I couldn't utter a word because of shock. Happiness? Nervousness? A breakdown because of the deal? Oh no... this isn't happening... I'm gonna be his slave!

Wait! Why am I worried about that? First, I didn't agree with him. Second, I'm backing out from that deal which in the first place I didn't agree with. Third, this is for my scholarship which is going to be a great help for me and us. Fourth, Repeat. That's right! There's nothing to be worried about but I still feel nervous yet I don't know why. It's not like it's my first time winning this position. Ugh... I'll leave everything to Batman. Tsk. Wait why Batman? Ugh whatever... I'm just nervous.

I went up to the stage with a forced smile and stood with confidence as I deliver my speech. I've gotten used to this anyway so no worries. Yet deep inside I'm overly panicky about the deal. Sighs... how I wish for Sehun to have an amnesia so he would forget about the deal.

"Woooo!!! Congratulations to our SSG President!!" The class cheered as I went in the room. It was about half an hour ago that the progtam ended so we had to continue back to our regular schedule and here I am being greeted by everyone as usual for I won the election. Sighs... I'm still worried about the deal.

Nami! Wake up! You never had agreed with it so there's nothing to be worried about.

How am I going to, when this jerk keeps on smirking at me. Tsk. If I could just sew up his mouth, I already would have done it since then.

"Well, congratulations! Didn't expect you'd win." Sehun say.
Just keep smirking, just keep smirking~ and I'm gonna sew it til' you bleed.

As if he were gonna win? Well, yes he didn't but with the deal? Oh he definitely did. It's a win win situation anyway but still! It's so unfair! I'm not officially his servant and never will be! I didn't even agree with him! Ugh! Why does he have to come into my peaceful life and ruin everything!

"Oh, you did..." I say in sarcasm as I roll my eyes.

But before he could continue his sentence, our grumpy old teacher came in and started the class righ away as if there were no special occasion that occured today.

Anyways that's not my problem here. Before I could even sit down, Sehun handed me a paper.

Meet me at the rooftop after classes. If you won't come then expect for the unexpected.

I think I have an idea on what this could be.

The deal.


"Where the heck did this guy fly to? I've been waiting here for like an hour and a half?" I asked myself knowing there wouldn't be an answer to it. Who knows what Sehun is up to now that he 'won' the deal in which I didn't agree to. He maybe preparing his killer schemes that could even lead me to my own death bed.

I now see a dark future for me. I say goodbye to myself. To my friends and to my family especially dad. Dad, wherever you are, I hope you take good care of Eunji and yourself. Long live my friends!

Wait! Why am I so dramatic over things so impossible to happen? I barely even lived being with him since the start of the school day. Yeah, that's right I can fight him off. I'm strong. That's what my dad said. And I believe I am. That deal of his? Tch. In his wildest dreams.

"Fighting who?" I hear someone ask behind me. And I want to tell you all how I hate myself so much for having a bad habit of speaking thoughts out loud. Clumsy, careless Nami.

"You scared me back there!" I yelled.

"Off topic. Now, I think you already know why you're here."

"Oh come on! I didn't even agree with it! And second thing I don't even want to serve a 'reckless jerky master'?"

"Well, what's done is done. I made the deal yet you pushed through it. Whether you like it or not. A deal is a deal." He say as his grin turns into a smirk. Oh, I know what this means...

"And for your first task-" I knew it! I guess this is my starting point to hell. Goodbye my friends! And to my readers! I won't live long under this evil schemes of this demon.

"Already? That fast? Ugh!" I complained yet he just smirked.

"Don't you worry. It's not something like doing house chores for me. It's something easier than that. You'll appreciate it." He said still grinning.

"Oh, impress me then." I say with slight sarcasm.

"Will you be my date?"


Ayo! I am soo muccchhh sorry for not updating this past few months because of school tasks knowing that I'm one busy person. And knowing that I'm in 9th grade which is the hardest year ever made me like a walking maniac. Like really, it's so tiring it feels like college though I'm still in highschool. So yeah, anyways I want to give special thanks for all the support and love you all have been giving me and I appreciate it so much. Without you guys, I don't think I'll ever have the inspiration to continue this book. I will always thank you all a million thanks!


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