The Lollipop Killer

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Victim #1: Ariel

"Wh-Where am I?" Ariel tried to look around, but her head was locked in place by two metal rods pressing deep into either side of her forehead. She tried to struggle, but found that she could all she could do was look around. "I can't move!"

"That's the point, darling," I told the poor girl.

She squinted into the darkness, trying to see me. "Who are you?" she asked frantically. "Where am I?"

"Scared, sweetie?" I asked, smiling and holding a little LED flashlight. Abruptly, I turned it on and shined it in her left eye.

"AAAAH!" She screamed in pain at the sudden brightness. She closed her eyes tightly.

"Bad girl!" I brought my free hand down hard upon her left cheek, causing the right side of her forehead to dig into the bar. Using that hand, I then forced her other eye open. This time, I shined the beam closer to her pupil.

"OW please stop!" Poor Ariel just didn't get it.

Laughing at her pitiful scream, I moved the light closer and closer to her eye. It was fun watching the pupils dilate. When I was satisfied with her torture, I moved to her other eye.

"No. Please no!"

Weakling. This was simply light torture. It was the easiest way to see if your victim was a fighter or a wimp. I personally liked fighters. Their struggles and smart-mouthing make the torture much more satisfying.

When I finished her eye, I noticed that she was shivering. " Cold, love?" I asked.

"Y-Y-Yes," Ariel said, her teeth chattering. "This...Table I'm laying on is freezing."

"I can fix that," I said with a smile. I turned a nob on the side of the table, warming it to a more comfortable level. "Better?"

"M-Much," she replied, seemingly confused by my sudden kindness.

Smart girl. Without warning, I turned the nob further.

"It's hot!"

"That's not hot," I said with a sadistic smile. "THIS is hot." With that, I turned the nob to an unbearable level.

"AAAH!!!" She breathed deeply and cried, unable to move a muscle as her backside was slowly frying. "Please turn it off!"

I laughed and turned it up higher.

"AH! Please please please-"



Even higher.

"Stop! Please stop! I'll do anythi-"

Still higher.

She finally understood, and bit her lip.

I turned the nob to it's highest level, enough to seriously hurt her.

She started to scream, but bit down even harder and stopped herself. I watched her cry silently for a minute or two, then turned the temperate to a painful but not scorching level.

"I grow bored with you, Ariel."

She whimpered as she contemplated my statement.

"Tell me a joke," I ordered, pulling up a chair.

"What?" the poor girl asked. "Are you crazy?"

"Now, Ariel," I ordered. "Or would you rather know the alternatives?"

I flicked a switch, and light flooded the room.

The walls were covered in a dark red paint...wanna guess what it really was? Both the floor and the ceiling were mirrors, so she could always see what I was doing to her. Torture instruments were everywhere. Every imaginable torture device and instrument you could think of. The rack, thumbscrews, knives, medical instruments, hacksaws, a crusher, the Spanish spider, chains, shackles, cages, whips, cattle prods, tazers, needles, nails, name it; I have it all.

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