Chapter Eighteen

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  "No," Annabeth hissed at Chiron. "That's cruel and useless."
"Annabeth, it's necessary."
"Necessary! How?"
"We need to see how he reacts."
"He'll freak out and think he's in hell being tortured," she snapped. Chiron visibly flinched.

"Chiron," Annabeth reasoned, "this is not a good idea. He's still in a hospital bed for Gods sake. He can only move his arms. He's still weak. He doesn't have the air mask anymore. Down in that pit, he'd be forced awake, feeling weak and hardly being able to breath."

Chiron thought for a moment, "Child, this must be done. We must test both of you. You need to stay away from him for the day, possibly tomorrow. When he wakes up, you won't be there."
"No Annabeth. My decision is final."

Annabeth could feel the tears forming in her eyes. "He'll never forgive you," and with that, she stomped towards her cabin to lead them to breakfast.

She regretted making Chiron feel so guilty. She knew Percy would forgive him. She knew she would forgive him. But this was plain cruel.

They needed each other. More than anyone could understand. And if she wasn't there when he woke up, well, she could guess there'd be a few water pipes exploding.

She grudgingly plopped herself down on a seat. "Alright, tell Malcolm what's wrong this time," her brother said as he took the seat next to her.

"Gladly. Chiron's making me stay away from Percy for a day. Maybe more."
"I think you can go a day Annabeth."
"He hasn't woken up yet," she muttered, looking straight into his eyes. She watched as his eyes widened.
"What!?" He whisper-yelled. "He's usually been awake for hours by now."
"Neither one of us slept last night. We just stayed together. He ended up falling asleep three hours ago."
"That's why the bags under your eyes are darker," he said, nodding.
"Yeah, well it's not like I can sleep without knowing I can go to him."

Malcolm nodded slowly. He looked her with sympathetic eyes. "Let's fight," he said suddenly, "your weapon of choice."
"I'll kick your butt," Annabeth said.
"I know you will."

Percy (A/N I know I usually don't do more than one POV but hey, why not?)

Percy lie on the floor, curling himself into a ball. He was surrounded in blood. He even managed to see all the red through the darkness.

His whole body was on fire. Literally. He had thrown Fire Water on him. His wounds were covered in River Acheron.

The pain was almost unbearable. It blurred his senses. He could barely see. And his hearing was muffled.

But, despite this, he could make out the outline of Annabeth. Who appeared to be thrashing on her restrains. He could hear her scream his name but she sounded so far away.

He tried his hardest to stay conscious, out of fear he wouldn't wake up. But no matter what he did, his vision still turned black.

Percy gasped as he awoke. He clawed at his throat as he choked on his breath. His arms ached as he moved. His vision was blurry from unshed tears.

He noticed the figure looming over him. His eyes widened considerably. He tried to scoot backwards but to no avail. "Get back," he rasped, "No more."

"I'm not going to hurt you," said the figure, stepping closer.
"No!" He screamed. "Please." He felt a twinge of shame as he begged for mercy. (A/N Only Percy would think like that. Well, maybe Jason or Annabeth or Thalia but you get the point.)

"Percy, my boy, I mean you no harm."
"I've heard that before. Just please, no matter what you do, don't hurt Annabeth."
"Percy I don't want to hurt you."

He started breathing hard. Sweat lined his head. Annabeth, he thought. "What did you do to her!?" He screamed.

"Get her," the figure muttered to another figure Percy hadn't noticed in the corner of the room. Gods no, he thought, please let her be okay.

A moment later, blonde hair consumed him. Arms wrapped around him. Words were whispered in his ear. "It's okay," said the voice, "everything's okay. Shhh. It was just a dream. I'm right here."

Percy breathing slowed. He knew that voice. That voice got him through hell. That voice got him through torture. That voice got him through life.

"Annabeth," he whispered, willing his arms to move around her. "Your okay."
"I'm fine. Your fine."
"Fire. P-Pain," he muttered.

Annabeth rubbed circles into his back until he relaxed. He sunk into his pillows. And squeezed his eyes shut.

When he opened them, he identified the two other figures as Will and Chiron. His eyes started to droop slightly.

Before he was sent into another endless nightmare, he saw Annabeth giving Chiron the classic I told you so look.

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