Chapter 1

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"The red head, yeah the one with the tan tote bag," I said, my finger pointed in the direction of the girl from my calculus class.

Porter turned his head to the side, his eyes squinting in her main direction. "What's a tote?"

Both Ty and I gave out defeated sighs. "It's a type of bag. Almost every girl has one or will posses one at least once in her lifetime," I told him matter-of-factly.

Ty and I had made it our mission to find someone for Porter to pursue within the short, thirty five minute lunch period. Porter, while not necessarily shy, usually kept to himself. Since he never talked to girls, besides for me of course, or anyone for that matter, we didn't know what his type was. We'd been trying to figure out what kind of girl he was into all lunch but he'd shrugged off every single one we pointed out.

"You're very picky, you know that right?" Ty said, his eyes moving back over to the red head with a thoughtful glance.

Ty was much less reserved. As the captain of the baseball team and president of the student council he knew a lot of people and interacted with just about everyone in the school. He was never embarrassed about being silly or loud or all things Porter avoided 

"Guys I don't want a girlfriend," Porter grumbled. His brown eyes darted down to his sandwich as his lips formed a frown.

"Dude why not?" Ty questioned.

"I'd rather not expose any girl to my mother's antics. Remember when she thought Danny was my girlfriend?"

An image of Porter's mother flashed across my mind, her scary, hawk-like eyes glaring at me as if I were some sort of parasite that had attached itself to her perfect son. I loved Porter to death but both of his parents were insane. His father was married to his job and his mother was a psycho germaphobe who expected the world out of her son.

"And on that thought I think we should end the girlfriend hunt," I concluded.

Both boys nodded their heads in agreement. We were somewhat of an unlikely trio, Ty, Porter and I, but it had been that way since freshmen year of high school. The whole freshmen kill day at our school was a huge event for all the seniors. They took hazing the freshmen to a whole different level. Somehow we all ended up locked in a broom closet for the entire school day. There was something about being cramped in a tiny space with complete strangers for a full eight hours that formed some strange bond between the three of us.

"Hey do you think Mandy would go out with me?" Ty asked just as the bell rang, his eyes glued to the backside of the captain of the volleyball team.

I gave Mandy a once over, taking in her tight blue skinny jeans and strawberry blonde hair. She was nice enough but way too smart to fall for Ty's sweet boy act. "No way. She'll see right through you," I told him.

Ever since Ty's first love, Emily, broke his heart halfway through junior year he'd been on a relationship free diet. If he was interested in a girl it only lasted a few weeks before he moved onto the next. Emily was the love of his life, or at least I thought so, and she'd ripped out his heart when she'd ended things. This was his way of coping with the pain of losing her. In my mind, they were both crazy. Emily made him a better person and Ty made Emily incredibly happy. They made sense together. 

We all stood up, Porter scrambling to finish his juice box before we deserted him for AP History. I was really good friends with the office lady so I'd managed to convince her to put us all in the same classes. Besides for Calculus, we all had every class together. Some days we got a bit out of hand. Us three could be a handful together.

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