when it starts (i guess)

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" go to sleep " Jeff said in an angry voice . I hate the way he smiled and the stupid vids." Oh my God" I close my laptop and make my and make my bed up I leave the room and went into the kitchen and eat leftovers.* Phone vibrates *
I jumped up out of my seat and ran into the living room I grab black blue and white bedazzle phone
Message from unknown I open the message it said "you should go to sleep now" I cleaned up my mess and went to bed thinking of my mom's new phone number. I had a horrible dream someone was screaming "you shouldn't of done"  there is random flashes of green and the other darkness I heard someone laughing with a laughing at me I wondered?I shot out of bed breathing heavily what's up  but did ben just try to talk to me in my dreams it was the 6 o'clock in the morning on 15 May Saturday tonight was going to be a full moon I went on my Instagram lovelypotatobro I had 1962 followers and 16 friend request when I checked then seven of them were normal but none of them were unusual there was a picture of Jeff ,ben , smile , dog , slender man , dark link , Jane killer , eyelets Jack , laughing Jack .but of course I followed them all like I usually do there was a knock on the door I went to answer it not afraid of what would happen but now terrified Nine men showed up at my doorstep and said" get in the bag now" the masked men said are replied in a smooth tone" how about I just getting a car" "no get in the bag?" They said angrily "one second let me go get some stuff" I said then slam the door in their faces. I laughed "ha like I'm getting my stuff "I mumbled there was another knock at the door but quieter and some and somewhat hypnotic so I grabbed a bag full of clothes and walked outside  wham! I get hit in the face with a baseball bat. I wake up in a huge house I look I look over to see Jeff the killer by my face I shouted "hey what the heck where am I " "hey you're awake"a girl yelled. Jeff told her take me to my room she agreed and started to walk up two flights stairs she told me her name was Jane the killer . she closed she lets me in a room and close the door after me alright punk draft "Jeffrey Woods is mine if you go near him I will kill you" she mumbled she locked the door and put a knife to my throat okay I said I kicked her off of me and she says " one aren't you " she says. your real room is fourth floor to the left I walked out the room then I ran down to flight stairs and bumped into this girl" I'm soooo sorry" the girl says in a high-pitched voice "yeah sorry about that" . I replied I ran towards Jeff the killer "help me please Jane Jane going to kill me"I yell." it's okay ".he said he knew the hair out of my four head and kissed the top of my four head " it okay believe me if she touches you I will kill her I have already tried millions of times but I was forced away from her  slender man " I walked away forgetting what trying to forget what happened god darn it why did he do that I ran up four flights of stairs and three doors to the right and open the door there was a man in green putting a green hat on and then said" Jane didn't say where your room is did she?". "No." I replied "let me show you where it is everything was black and blue black no white" why am I here?" I asked "we saw something special in you you tap into them later" we all did"been he replied blandly there was some ninja swords hanging over my bed

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