Someone Else

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I stand aside, watching from across the room, wishing that I were the one wrapping my arms around your neck. But I'm not and never will be.
I sit there and peer over my book watching as she leans against your back peeking over your head, smiling as she wraps her arms around your neck. Laughing as though there's nothing in the world better then that moment with you. Maybe it is but then again, how would I know? I'm not her and I don't have you and it's hard to think that I might never be able to. And that I'll never be able to tell you or express how I really feel. All because I'm just to comfortable with hiding in the shadows where nothing can touch me. No pain from relationships. No heart breaks from someone I thought I loved or any of it.
I'm still watching, but not really, just kind of dazing and that's where my gaze was. But then you see that your grabbing her hand and pulling her around to sit next to you, as you weave your fingers with hers, holding hands under the table so that the teachers won't catch you but in reality we all know what your doing. You look at her as she looks back at you. It's kind of sickening but then again it's somewhat cute because you know it's real.
I feel something in my stomach drop as I see you guys lean into eachother. Not for a kiss. Not at school in the open anyway. But to lay against eachother as you show her what your working. Nodding her head in agreement.
I look away because there's nothing I know I can do. Only hope that maybe you'll notice me. Who knows maybe this isn't really what I thought it is. That I like you more then just a friend, but maybe it's more of admiration for who you are and and how you treat the world and what's going on. But I'm putting my money on more then friends....haha, I mean everyone loves you. For who you are.
You all of a sudden look over at me, you catch me staring and squint your beautiful blue eyes at me, but then smile that gorgeous smile that lights up a dark room. Not the half trying kind of smile but that all out smile. It's nice to see you smile at me. It make my stomach flutter on the inside. Like there's butterflies in there.
I drop my eyes as you continue staring at me. I feel my cheeks burning as red as a tomato. I pretend to read as my hair falls into my face and shields my cheeks. Your still looking at me when I look back up. She's looking at me to but I don't pay any attention to her, only you. She's mean and doesn't care for anyone. But the look you gave me stuns me. My face brightens and I couldn't stop myself from smiling and giving a cute little wave. Before I could do anything more stupid, the beer rings signaling that we could start heading to class. I look up as though I can see the bell, but then look back at you. And you look back. I smile and grab my stiff and start to walk out.
I hear my name being called before I'm opening the door. I turn back back and look around. I see you look at me and sing for me to wait a minute. I step aside, no longer blocking the door. And when I look back at you, your girlfriend is standing there with her hip popped out and her arms crossed a cross her chest staring at you shaking her head making her long dark hair shake back and forth.
I'm ready to leave when you grab you stuff and walk over to me. You wrap your arms around me shoulder and pull me along woth you as we leave to go to class. When we get threw the doors you start to talk but stop. You look to me and start up again.

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