Great You Are

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You Are
Great in Strength My Battle Scars
Because of you I won
I just want to thank you.

I sit here meddling through my thoughts
Trying to figure out where to begin
Looking back at all these filled pages and reflecting on where I had been,

Vulnerable I was sitting on my bedroom floor
Blinds close, mind blank
Slowly I sank

Consumed by the anger,
Filled with hate
Covered by fear
No love could be found in this hole of deep despair.

<p>Many attempts at escape,
Tried to regain my composure and shape
But still I continued to fall,
Deeper and Deeper

No streak of light in this black pool
No night sky with a twinkling star

I screamed for help,
Hoping my voice would reach a passing ear
But it seemed as though no one could hear.

The darkness became thicker
I became comfortable in its great embrace
My screams seemed to get smaller day by day

Poison filled my lungs
The envy, the bitterness
Spread all over my tongue

<p>Inhaled toxins
I was boxed in

In black I stood,
Engulfed in its gloom,
Consumed by the fumes..
No sighting of the moon
Strung out on black fuels
I finally decided to cry out to you.
In you I remembered light
I remembered love
I remember the sunshine and the flying doves.
I remembered warmth
Falling into your embrace
In you I found my escape.
In your arms I am no longer afraid.

My battles you had taken,
My spirit had been reawakened.
In you there is no mistaking

I am filled with joy
In you I found my release
I can finally breathe

I can see the stars
The beauty in your creation
The smells of the earth I can take in
Mountains I can climb
In you I have found life

<p>Red streaks flew cross the blue sky,
Flags of victory flew high,

And I am a victor
No longer standing on the side of defeat
You are the one that brought dancing back into this feet.
You are the one that brought sparks back into these eyes
You are the one that I will forever abide by

And because of you I won,
And I just want to thank you.

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