Chapter One Hundred Twenty Nine

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Roscoe welcomed the warm sun that was beaming down on the sanctuary one afternoon while Charlie and Anora were still away. He opened up his wings fully and laid them out to absorb the sun on his cool skin. He let out a throaty grumble as he settled in for his afternoon nap but before he could close his eyes fully, he heard the sound of wings flapping in his direction. 

He closed his eyes hoping whatever dragon approached him would see that he was asleep and leave him be. He thought he had gotten away with it until something smacked him in between his eyes. He growled with a snapping motion of his jaw as his lifted his head up only to have a dead animal carcass slide off his snout and plop to the ground.

He looked down only to look back up and see Norberta before him. He let out an puff of smoke in her face before turning his head away from her, but Norberta wasn't a dragon to be ignored. He felt the meat continue to slap his sides and head and slide off until he turned his focus back on her.

She stared at him and let out a small screech before nuzzling the meat once more in his direction. He huffed knowing what she wanted but he definitely wasn't in the mood to tear into the meat. He wanted to nap. Using his tail, he pushed the meat away from him, but Norberta continued to bring it back.

Norberta could see the irritation grow on Roscoe's features and it brought her great joy. Every time he attempted to ignore her, she threw the piece of meat at him. As a dragon, there was no fun in having meat brought to them in a bucket. Anora and Charlie normally made feeding time fun by throwing the meat into the air allowing them to char it with their flames before eating it. Without the two there though, feeding time was rather boring. 

So she decided to try and get Roscoe to play but he didn't seem in the mood. She didn't understand why all the other female dragons wanted Roscoe as a mate, he was stupid and lazy. All he seemed to ever due was sunbathe and nap.

She threw the meat at him the last time before Roscoe rounded on her. She picked up the meat in her mouth offering to him once more.

Roscoe let out an angry call into the air that would probably echo through the mountains for eternity, but Norberta didn't budge.

Roscoe stared at the little demon dragon who refused to leave him alone to his nap. As she held the meat in her mouth, he let out all his frustrations in a roaring call, but she didn't seemed phased.  He gave in and snatched the meat from her before throwing it into the air.

Once the meat was charred with fire it fell to the ground and Norberta seemed satisfied. He tried to return back to his original position, but Norberta took his spot.

"Congratulations!" Anora said holding the twins in a powerful hug that could come close to their mother. She released them to wipe a small tear from her eye.  "I love you guys and I know I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm so proud of you."

Weasleys' Wizards Wheezes was officially open and business was already booming for the twins.

The whole family along with the majority of the Order showed up to congratulate the two as well as help them out for the first day of business.

She and Charlie had been staying back and forth between the Burrow and Anora's parents house during their stay. Despite the drama it was well worth it to be around friends and family again, even if it meant sacrificing some time to spend with Roscoe and Norberta.

"I wonder how those two are holding up?" Charlie said the question on Anora's mind.

"Maybe they've join Magnus during his morning meditation."

"And there's a mental image I will never be able to unsee."

"You're welcome."

There seemed to be less drama for a little while after Artemis , drama decided it was going to rear it's ugly head once more. Apparently, while the twins and Eleanor went out to dinner one evening, Eleanor and Fred's room had been trashed, as someone had been there obviously looking for something. The Order was on edge as it seemed quite obvious that they were probably looking through Eleanor's things for answers. 

So Charlie and Anora did what mature adults would do in the situation.

They had a slumber party at the flat.

"Yay we're going to have a slumber party!" George said.

"You got the slumber part right." Fred yawned. "Ellie, I'm ready for bed, carry me."

Eleanor only stood near him giving him a look. "I don't think so, just to quote your words from earlier, you have two legs and are more than capable of get going."

"But the room is sooo far away!"

"Well, I guess you better start walking." Anora told him.

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