Chapter Thirty Four::The Refusal

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A/N: Sorry guys I really didn't like this chapter so I decided to rewrite it.

Raina had been the first to start this. Unintentionally of course, but she'd paid no efforts afterwards to prevent the waging war. She, on this warmer morning to the previous one, had greeted Arya at breakfast, and had agreed to spend the day 'training' with her. Arya had changed substantially since their reunion in the woods several weeks back, and now, instead of the fierce and alert girl Raina was met with a while ago,  was back to her old, childish and frantic self. Still resembling the same traits, but they were no longer aimed at everyone she encountered. And it was refreshing, and cherished, that Raina might get to spend some time with her on this beautiful morning. 

The pair had departed from the camp, reasonably early, and made for the edge of the nearby forest, agreeing that it would give them the privacy they required, and prevent recurring interruptions. The 'training' however, had not lasted particularly long. Raina had, indeed, caused something else. She'd dodged one of Arya's uncontrolled blows; stepping easily aside, she had, unpredictably, forced  Arya to stumble forward, straight into the muddy ground. It, being quite a sight, had Raina cracking into fits of laughter for quite some time, as the dirty Stark sat up, completely lagged. It was then that this fight truly started. Arya, being the vengeful little girl she was, managed to fling up a splatter of mud, that collided easily with Raina's legs. And from that point on, the two girls spent the remainder of their time together getting the other as messy as they could, jokingly fighting in the mud until they'd both had quite enough, and were entirely out of breath. 

Mud had gone everywhere; in their hair, on their clothes and faces. They were both in quite a state, yet the laughter failed to stop. "Look at you, you're a mess!" Raina exclaimed, lying flat on her back, trying eagerly to prevent more laughter that just kept coming. "You should see yourself," Replied Arya, with the same uncontrollable hysterics. It had been quite some time since Raina had laughed like this, the last occasion being with her own sister, as they'd joked about the different men they might have been paired off with. It had been quite a funny moment, as funny as it got with the two Glover girls. Devlin and Finn had also been there - messing about with Esme's dresses and the like, making fun of ladies and their standards. Raina had been in tears with laughter. This being the last, hilarious and memorable moment she'd spent with all of her siblings. Since then, until now, there hadn't really been time for light humour, or humour at all, it had all been reasonably dark times. And with the separation Raina, and her close friends, had faced, it was pleasant to have some time, though be it small in the grand scheme of things, to merely laugh like nothing in the world could go wrong. Raina had felt like that all day - that she was untouchable. With the King's actions the day before, it had felt as though she was on some sort of high, extatic with the memory of his kiss. They hadn't seen each other this morning, but that did not dim Raina's mood in the slightest. And with Arya to keep her company in such a way, the day was hardly a dull one; in fact, it was the closest thing to perfect Raina had had in a long time. 

"I've missed you," Admitted Arya, her voice quieter now with the lack of giggles and enthusiasm. This was the true Arya, the vulnerable and fragile girl that she had kept locked away during her time spent alone. The Arya, that despite her efforts to prevent it, Raina had seen many times, even when Arya had been in her happier moods, Raina knew what she was truly like, underneath her shell. It was present in all the Stark children, Arya was merely better at keeping it concealed. Raina couldn't even begin to imagine what it must have been like for Arya, the youngest daughter of a labelled traitor, frantically trying to recover her family, despite the many obstacles put in front of her. She'd lied to people she'd met, made and lost friends, along the way, all to get to her brother, and mother, and have some sort of home again. She'd had to create a charade, not unlike Raina, in order to stay alive, and stay fighter for as long as she could. The two were undoubtedly similar, in more ways than could be counted. It had commonly been joked that when the two had met, Raina's attitude and habits had rubbed off on Arya, more so than Catelyn would have liked, yet it left Arya being much the same as the youngest Glover, and had kept her alive in such a dangerous time. "I've missed you too," Raina admitted, this being the closest relationship she'd had in quite awhile. With the loss of her sister, Raina was eager to have some sort of female companionship nearby, one that she could confide in. Even with Arya's young age, compared to Raina, they were much alike, and Arya was much more mature than would be assumed upon first sight of her. 

"By the gods," Gasped a shocked, and somewhat amused, female voice from atop a nearby ridge, presumably as whomever it was gazed upon the sight in front of them. "What happened?" She asked, her voice laced with confusion and concern. Hearing the voice had caused Raina and Arya to spring to life with their common alertness, only to burst into fits of laughter when seeing their new company. Arya's mother stood atop the nearby hill, her eyes wide and jaw against the ground as she examined the pair. It was funny just to imagine what they must look like, and judging by Catelyn's expression, it was more than just confusing. "Training?" Arya tried, but once again Catelyn's face gave away that she was not believing a word from her daughter. She cleared her throat irritably, trying not to yell, and fidgeted with her dress for a moment. "Raina." She began, her voice sour, as was her expression towards the Glover child, who had dirt clung to every inch of her body, and was entangled around Catelyn's own daughter. "The King wishes to see you, presently," Catelyn stated, again her face giving away nothing but her distaste towards the current situation. With a quick giggle to Arya, Raina stood, leaving the Stark girl in the mud as she made for the King's mother, unsure as to why Robb would wish to speak with her, or why he would spend his mother to find her, and not do so herself. 

They made for the camp in silence, Raina trying hard not to laugh as she passed familiar faces, who all seemed amused by her dirty presence, and equally entertained by Catelyn's disappointed expression. They said nothing to one another, nor did Catelyn even spare a glance at Raina, whom had previously been one of her favoured members of company. It was almost as though something had changed in the King's mother, something that resembled the way she used to act around Ned's bastard, and Raina's dear friend, Jon. Admittedly, Raina had taken some time to grow fond of Catelyn's company, as a pure result of the way she would treat Jon. For no reason aside from she blamed Ned for having an affair, she took out all of her hatred on the innocent boy, who Raina had grown to love as a brother with all the time she spent with him and his brother. Yet, despite their disagreements in the past, Raina and Catelyn had resolved previous problems, and had, weeks before, been pleased at the presence of one another. That, now, seemed to have dissolved. 

Upon reaching the King's tent, Catelyn vacated Raina's company, and took post at Robb's side, who was yet to notice Raina's presence. Other members of the council, however, had seen her, and had made small, whispered, comments to the Lords at their sides, presumably disapproving of the likes of Raina sitting in on a meeting such as this. When Robb did catch sight of her, he chuckled, his grin braud after examining her closely, his mother's looming gaze not altering his reaction at all. "Ray," He coughed, bowing his head, and remembering how the council would still see her. It was at that moment that Raina's smile fell also, she too being forced to return to her charade. "Your grace," She bowed respectfully, before looking up to Robb in hopes of an explanation as to why she had been brought to him.

 "As you are all here now," Robb  began presently, turning his attention to the group as a whole, trying to prevent his gaze from lingering on Raina, as it otherwise would have. The Glover girl, innocently shuffled towards the table, so that Robb should not have to shout for her to be able to hear as well as the others, and ended beside Rodrik, whom sat at the table in front of her. "I have come to a decision that I feel I should inform you of," Robb's voice sounded serious, more so than Raina had heard in some time. He was a King. She'd almost forgotten that in all the times she'd spent with only him as company. "My decision is...I shall not be marrying Lord Walder's daughter. I have declined his proposal."

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