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So, I would first like to mention that the idea of the disease and students having to be paired and bits of the dialogue are NOT mine. They belong to the author jongindreams- and come from her book Involuntary Parents. I have gotten permission to use them. Please support her and her book by checking it out. Thank you!

I was reading it and I became inspired to write this based off of her book. Essentially the background of it is that Konoha and the rest of the world had been struck by a disease that kills, somehow, only adults, and almost all of the adult population was wiped out. In order to rebuild it, all students were to be married in their last year of high school and were to produce a child at the end of it.

This book is something I'll be working on on my phone rather than my computer, so maybe I'll be able to get this updated more than Behind the Mask.  I will hopefully write when I get the chance.

In any case, I hope you enjoy. Thank you very much!


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