The brown haired man released the pure white handle and threw the sheath onto the blonds stomach. Naruto stared up into the man's satisfied eyes with no emotions beside pain in his own. "Happy birthday demon, if you live through this you get to keep the sword. But you should die here, if only because you killed the past two owners. I might have been sorry for you if it weren't for my family's honor." The jounin said as he t urned around and walked to the cave entrance, used a wind jutsu to make the fire go out, then vanished into the wind he created. Naruto blacked out soon after the man left, Naruto woke to the sword in his shoulder being weakly tugged.

Naruto turned his head at exactly 8:03 pm, 28 seconds into the minute, when he turned his head he saw two pairs of sea blue eyes that matched his own eyes, holding those eyes were two wolf pups who held the sword in their jaws. The smaller pup had a shimmering silver coat, and the larger pup was boasting an ash gray coat. When they made eye contact Naruto immediately felt power rush through his veins, Naruto grabbed the handle of the sword and harshly pulled it out of his body with a gutural scream.

The hole that was once filled by the sword closed up leaving an angry red scar in its place. Naruto turned back to the two wolf pups as they all stared back with their blue eyes filled with as many emotions as they knew how to discern. Naruto felt an urge to pet the two pups but not even that, just a need to touch them. The pups also felt an unexplainable urge to go closer to the human. The pups walked forward as Naruto raised his hands to the two, when contact was made all three perked up slightly as the felt their minds. . . tingle somehow.

'What was that?' Questioned a young voice in Naruto's head. 'Who's in my mind?' Asked a young female voice that seemed to resonate from the silver pup. Naruto had a thought, seeing as how he could tell which wolf pup was speaking mabye they could do the same. 'Look at me' Naruto thought awkwardly yet still gently in his mind, both wolf pups trained their eyes on Naruto. 'So it seems I'm right.' Naruto thought to himself. 'Or rather to multiple. . . people?'

Naruto shook his head. 'It seems that both of you are in my head, and in turn I am in your minds.' said Naruto as he pointed to himself, then to both pups. 'So we can speak to each other through our minds?' Asked the silver pup as she walked to Naruto and sat infront of him. Naruto allowed himself to be surprised at how articulate the silver pup sounded. 'I think so, when we touched our minds, I dont know. . . conjoined.' said Naruto as he sat down with his legs crossed. 'This is already too confusing.'  said the larger gray pup as he climbed into Naruto's lap then streched and yawned. Naruto took a moment to ponder how extremely content he felt with contact with the wolf. 'Wake me up when you figure this out.' Said the gray pup as he fell asleep to the rythmic petting of Naruto.

'We should go . . . Naruto it is becoming dark, I figured out a way past the villagers'  said the silver pup with distaste. Naruto stared in mute shock at how the pup had figured out his name and about the villagers, he knew quite well that it was kept under a surprising amount of secrets and lies to keep people from noticing. 'How did you figure out my name, I never said it, nor did I think it.' stated a shocked Naruto. "Oh, all I did was. . . I dont know how to describe it. Umm try to think of yourself in my mind and you'll see all that I experienced." Said the pup in Naruto's mind, Naruto tentatively tried what the pup suggested.

He found himself diving through colors, smells, sounds, tastes and feelings he knew he'd never experienced before. Naruto drew away with mist in his eyes. 'I apologize on the behalf of Konoha that our shinobi killed your parents Masae' Gods it hurt to suddenly be raised yet watch the only person who loved you slip away. the silver pup nodded sadly. 'So it worked' Masae stated lamely, Naruto nodded. "So, Masae. This is Hoshiko right?" Naruto said as he pointed to the ash gray pup in his lap. Masae nodded then walked onto Naruto's left shoulder and gave a soft bark in response, clearly thinking about the loss of her parents. Naruto picked up the katana that the jounin left in the cave and sheathed it then shaked Hoshiko gently until he woke up, after he did he put him on his right shoulder.

'Sink your claws into my clothes so you dont fall off of me' Naruto said aloud as he began to ran as fast as he could, noticing his wounds had healed, and how much faster he felt. Masae explained to a bewildered Hoshiko how to look into each other's memories. When he finally looked through Naruto's memorys he snarled at the sight of the village. 'Go through the west gate Naruto' instructed Masae, It felt so strange to trust someone so completely in the few minutes he knew the beautiful little creatures on him, yet he obeyed the silver pup. Her life was quite literally his, as was Hoshiko's, and his theirs. They would never lead the other astray. 'First we need to steal you some new clothes.' Said Masae while Hoshiko snarled again as they passed through the gate.

Naruto reluctantly stole a sleeveless baggy black shirt, dark blue anbu pants, and rolls of bandages from a store that had closed for the night. The celebrations still going strong in the heart of the village. When Naruto got to his home going through the darkened lights of the west side of Konoha he got dressed in his new clothes. Naruto wrapped bandages on his arms from his wrist to halfway up his bicep, and around his ankles. He'd seen the shinobi do this, other than insure his pants didn't trip him,you he didn't see the purpose. But he did it anyways, Naruto draped the katana across his shoulders so the blade fell across his back and nearly scraped across the ground when he walked.

'We should go tell the Hokage about you two.' Naruto stated as he put his shoes back on. 'Alright Naruto, let's go' said Hoshiko as he jumped onto Naruto's head from the bed, and Naruto picked up Masae and ran to the Hokage tower. Naruto was at the Hokage's office not four minutes after he left. Naruto knocked on the door to the Hokage's office. "Come in" said a soft, aged voice from behind the door.

Naruto walked in and saw the shocked face of the Hokage as he looked over the boy and took in the telltale signs of dirt around now healed wounds, he almost ignored the two wolves on Naruto's body. "Hokage-sama, may I introduce Hoshiko, and Masae" said Naruto as he pointed to the two wolves who both made their way onto the Hokage's desk and bowed when Naruto did the same. Sarutobi knew this day would come, he wouldn't mees with fate so he took a no hands on policy with Naruto until this day. But Sarutobi played ignorant for now. Naruto then explained his entire day to the Hokage. By the end of Naruto's story the Hokage had discreetly declined half the paperwork on his desk. There would be an uproar but he would do what was needed.

"Hokage-sama, I humbly request to be trained as a Shinobi before my coming of age when I'm ten." Naruto said as he smirked, it was a decent cover up to the boy's nervousness but he was a kage, he definitely knew better. Yet still the Hokage didn't like that smirk, he had seen Kushina Uzumaki weild that smirk and it conquered most it was aimed at. After clearing his throat, the Hokage minutely nodded and an Anbu appeared before them. The Anbu had long, straight purple hair a katana on her back with the handle facing to the right side, and standard Anbu gear.

"You called Hokage-sama" Sarutobi nodded. "I'm sure you heard our conversation Yūgao, I would like you to train the boy what he is ready for until he enters the academy." Yūgao nodded at the Hokage's order, she took off her mask and smiled a warm smile, glad to finally have a break from hard duty. "Alright Naruto, you'll sleep then I'll pick you up at 6:30 in the morning and we can get to know each other. Okay?" Hoshiko whimpered at the time, Naruto nearly did too, it was at least 10 pm by now. The chase had lasted for so long. Yūgao looked at Hoshiko and patted him on the head lightly, "Sorry buddy." Yūgao said.

Naruto smiled at his new sensei then bowed "Arigato Yūgao_sensei." Yūgao nodded and herded the blond and his wolves out the door and escorted them home. When Naruto layed down in his bed he thought about the things his future will hold for him, he smiled as Masae rolled into a ball on his chest and Hoshiko layed next to Naruto with his head on Naruto's neck. The three talked until hours passed by, Naruto fell asleep with a wry grin. It felt strange to be at peace.

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