#2- learning about alex

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Alex was sitting next to John, so close. So uncomfortably close. So, so close. John felt like he could be in love. But how? Can you find love in a fleeting moment from across a bar? John had never believed in true love, never believed in love at first sight. But then again, he had never felt this way about anyone. So consumed, so fast.

He wanted to know everything about him.

"So, uh, Alex, how old are you exactly?" John asked. Although Alex's eyes looked so old and intelligent, the rest of him seemed... younger. Probably underage, probably shouldn't be in this bar.

Alex smirked and said "Nineteen." while taking a swig of his beer.

Herc just laughed. "Kid, you got guts coming in here underage. Ordering that beer, acting like you belong here. I was just like you when I was younger." he sighed "Really takes the fun out of it when it's legal."

"Well how old are you, then?" asked Alex, smiling.

"Ah, my young child, I'm very old. I've seen and done things you only dream about. I'm 29 years old."

"29?" Alex said, laughing. "You make it seem like you're 87 and on your deathbed."

"So where are you from, Mr....." Laf trailed.

"Hamilton. My name is Alexander Hamilton." he said. "I'm from the Caribbean. Doesn't really matter where, it's a tiny island, probably has 0.1% of the population of this city."

"Who do you live with? Got family in the city?" John asked, staring intently into Alex's face.

Alex's face became clouded. "No." he said quietly. "I haven't got any family, I haven't got any friends, I haven't got any place to go. I, uh, just got evicted from my apartment. I lost my job a few months ago and couldn't pay my rent just living on a barista's salary. Which is, basically, why I came here. To just, get away from everything, everyone. Life. People in general. But, I, uh, guessed I missed the mark on that last one." He smiled weakly and stared down at his shoes, fiddling with his leather bracelet.

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