Chapter 1: The Final Weasley

"Come on hurry up!" Ron whispered as he hustled past my door.

"Alright!" I heard Fred complain, or George, but it was hard to tell, they sounded so much alike.

I shot up in my bed, what are they doing up? I hopped out of bed hoping Ginny didn't hear me, she was such a light sleeper. That was the only thing I hated about her, I could never sneak out without her waking up - that is when I'm not sleeping in the room I share with the twins. I thought it'd be nice to give them a night off from me. - But all she did was turn over in her bed and I wiped my head and sighed. Tip toeing along, I went over to the window, I looked but there was nothing there but the car. That's when I heard the crashing in the kitchen.

I ran out of my room and jumped down the steps shaking the Burrow even more. I peered around the corner and sure enough I saw the three idiots I suspected, Ron, Fred, and of course he wouldn't leave with out his twin, George. I scowled, they were going out... without me! They slowly opened  the kitchen door and left, when the door swung shut I raced as quietly as possible over to it and saw them running towards the car.

"Not today," I whispered. "You're not leaving me behind again!" I quickly opened the door, I turned my back to the running boy's and shut the door, when I turned back around they'd stopped and stared at me. I grinned evilly and ran to meet them. I was half way to them when they turned and walked towards the car, yet again hoping to leave me (well, I thought that any way).

"Hey wait for me!" I yelled as loud as I could without mum hearing me. They got to the car and George bumped into Fred or the other way around, but anyway one of them exclaimed, "Ay! Watch it!" I stopped and snickered.

"Katie go home!" One of the twins screamed.

"Just wondering, which one's which?" I pointed my fingers at them and kept crossing in confusion.

"I'm Fred," The one on the right huffed.

"And I'm George, now go home!" The one on the left ordered.

They started to open the car door when I yelled, "But I want to go with you!"

"Let me think?" Fred said while he and George faced me. They made a face like they were thinking, and I crossed my arms over my chest and rolled my eyes, they could be so annoying.

"No," they said in unison.

"Katie, please go home," Ron begged.

I smiled deviously and shook my head, "No Way!"

"GO HOME!" The twins screamed.

They quickly looked worried and whipped their heads up to look hopefully at the house. They sighed in relief and then looked back down, even angrier at me.

"You get back in that house!" Fred yelled. "NOW!" They screamed together again, not even caring about mum or dad anymore.

"Alright" I sighed defeated.

Then an idea came into my mind, before walking away I looked them in the eyes.

"Well, if you want me to," I shrugged.

The look on the twins faces was anger and confusion and Ron... well, he probably knew what I was up to cause he was shaking his head. I started walking towards the house then froze, smiling evilly I screamed. "MUM!" I heard the boys jump, and feet pounding the ground, then two hands covered my mouth.

"Shhhhhh!" They hissed.

"Alright! You can come!" Fred gave in.

"But, you have to promise not to scream.... ever again," George conditioned.

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