Forty: The Girl In Armour [Part Two]

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Final Chapter : The Girl In  Armour - Part 2


" It's an honour to finally meet you Zayn "

The blonde guy smiled at me . He looked so familiar but I couldn't pin point where I've seen him before .

"Do I know you ?" I snapped at him as he laughed .

"Wow they're right ! You are a feisty one " He pointed out as I glared at him .

" And I believe your girlfriend knows me very well....don't you Skylar ? "

I looked at Skylar who looked back at me .

"You know this guy ?"

"He was living in your old house !" She explained " I never knew he was a bad guy "

"I like how your sugar coating things . Let's just forget that fact his mutt of a sister nearly killed me ...remember that Skylar ? You witness it all "

"Don't talk about my sister like that you f*cking daemon " I spat as he looked at me with a smug look .

"I will say whatever I want ...I have people to back me up this time " He motions to show the troop of execution guards who stood by his side .

"Besides ....don't you have an execution to get to ?"

"I'm not going anywhere , She's alive ! She's standing right infront of us "

"The execution shall go on are on the list " He grinned .

"Daniel are you crazy ?! Look at me ! I'm alive ! Why are you doing this ? Why are you helping that useless man you call a father who probably never gave a fûck about you !! "

He had a son

It made sense . Those crazy green eyes resembled Chandler's so much .

It took me so much to stand my ground . I had to listen to Melissa's orders even though I wanted to kill this daemon with one eye closed .

Daniel crazy smile was replaced with a rage of anger .

"Separate them ! " He shouted .

The guards came to towards us as I backed away from them holding onto Skylar.

"Zayn , Trust me" I heard Melissa say .

I closed my eyes tightly and took a deep breath knowing I was going to regret what I was about to do .

I removed Skylar from my grip and walked towards the guards who grabbed my arms forcefully and placed them on my back . Skylar looked at me in horror as she tried to get to me but the guards were holding onto her . She struggled, desperately to get out of their grip .

"Zayn !" She cried . She was breathing hard as the guards held her arms and forced her to stand in front of me .

"Skylar look at me " I tried to say calmly . " It's okay ...everything is going to be okay alright ?"

She shook her head frantically

"No Zayn ! I saw this in my dream , it's not going to be okay ! I-I....can't loose you again "

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