Thirty Nine: L'anniversaire De Skylar

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Chapter Thirty Nine: L'anniversaire De Skylar

It's strange.....but there I was in the middle of the forrest , searching for something .

But what ?

My teeth shattered as the icy cold wind tickled it's way through my body . I was wearing a thin layer of clothing that was not able to insulate a lot of warmth . I wanted to leave the Forrest but my feet refused to listen as it continued to go from different directions .

It's was like I had no control of my body .

"Find me "

I heard a whisper , it was so quiet yet loud for me to hear . I looked around frantically for the where the whispers were coming from but there was no sight of anything .


The whispers were much louder as it kept repeating the words "find me " in my head . It was like a power drill .

I pressed my hands against my ears and shut my eyes. I bit my lip , trying to suppress the fact that I was scared .

I was loosing my sanity.

"Stop ! " I shouted but it didn't work . The voices just continued to repeat the words . Some were slow , other were harsh , there were some I could understand and those that was incomprehensible .

It reminded me of when I had that dream of that old woman .

A dream .... This was a dream !

"You're n-not real " I tried convincing myself . " You are all in my head !"

The whispers just continued to grow as I kept repeated those words . It grew louder and louder until it took over my thoughts and conscious . It was all I could here .

" This isn't real " I screamed .

Surprisingly all the voices stopped in sync. No my whispers , no more repeated voices . Just complete.....


I rubbed my face trying to wake up but everytime I opened my eyes I still remained in the dark , eerily Forrest . I rubbed my eyes in a forceful manner , slapping my face once or twice to get in touch with reality .

" Come on ! " I said trying to motivate myself.

I sighed frustratedly when it didn't work . I sat down and hugged my feet together as the wind just grew colder and colder . I had to figure out a way to wake myself up .

Just then something caught the corner of my eye .

Someone was in the forrest with me .

Without hesitation I grabbed the nearest branch and began to run after the shadow .

"Hey ! " I called out

Everytime I moved they would change their direction . I made sure my vision was in focus so I wouldn't loose this person .

" Who are you " I demanded

But the figure refused to listen. It continued to run away from me before I had the chance to catch up . My knees were weighing me down as I could see the figure getting away .

I eventually stopped and watched the figure run . I couldn't tell if it a human or something strange my mind had created . It didn't bother to turn back as it turned it a little speck of dust .

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