Thirty Eight: The Harp

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Chapter Thirty Eight : The Harp

The next day arrived quickly . I had a really bad sleep as I couldn't even get a wink of sleep last night .

Zayn was in danger and I had no idea where he was .

Mimi and I started talking . She answered some questions that didn't make any sense because Zayn would only tell bits of the story . There were things that didn't add up .

"Wait so they're not triplets ? Zayn said your mum was pregnant with three "

"She was pregnant four times and it was only the third time Zayn was badly effected with the curse "

"And know..."

"Javaad ? " She laughed when I widened my eyes . " What about him ?"

It felt weird..she referred to his demon as if it was a normal person.

"Was he ever violent towards you guys ? " Mimi looked up at her ceiling trying to remember. We were in her living room , sitting with our legs crossed on the couch .

"He was...but I always knew how to handle him "

My mind flashed to when I first realised Zayn was the 'beast' and how Mimi sung something which instantly relaxed him from becoming angry .

"So that song you sang before when we met....that was to calm him down ?" She nodded .

"It was in Greek " I arched my brow

"Why Greek ?"

"Because that's his first's easier to reason with him by speaking to him in greek...he'd actually listen " I nodded . Things were making so much sense .

"So other magical creatures exists ? " Mimi rolled her eyes before nodding " Really ? Like witches , elves , pixies , dragons , trolls , unicorns ?!"

"Uhh... Unicorns and Dragons no but the rest of them yes "

"This is crazy " I said to myself " Zayn said he is 5 decades older than me and he says it's because of the curse .." She nodded " But if that makes him old ...doesnt it make you guys old too ?"

" Bingo"

"So when do you age ? "

She didn't say anything , instead she grabbed my hands and made me feel her face .

"What are.." I stopped . I continued to feel around her face . Noticing some changes , her nose were growing and her eyes were getting baggy , she gained a few crinkles and she really looked much older .

" You're starting to age " I answered my own question as she nodded .

" I don't know why but I believe its because of you . We can feel your love and energy for Zayn that's it's breaking the curse and we can continue to live like normal people and age like normal people "

"What about your mum ? " She smiled sadly .

"My mum was a lot older than she looked . No matter how many youth bottles we've given her . I knew her time would come "

"Was ?" I repeated . I hope she didn't mean....

But the look on Mimi's face said it all . It was heartbreaking to see .

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