Chapter 1

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Sage rushed downstairs after her youngest sister, Winter. She attempted to grab her, but the sneaky three year old managed to trick her. She internally groaned before following after her.

Five years had passed since their father became king and now, they have three younger children running around.

They had Elijah who was six, Dimitria who's also six, and then the youngest, Winter.

Sage would constantly get frustrated with them, Sara barely helped her when their parents were in meetings or away. She was too wrapped up with her mate, Jason, to care about her sister.

Sage was fuming about not being able to find her mate, she's twenty-one and still mate less. She dreamed of finding him, but after five years she's only dated a few guys. She gave up on finding her mate, knowing it was no use dwelling on it.

"You can't catch me sissy!" Winter shrieked with joy.

Sage smiled and continued chasing after her sister, when she finally caught her they both laughed. She smiled down at her yawning sister, shaking her head, she walked up to the toddler's room.

Man, I can't wait till I have my own family. She thought to herself.

She quietly and carefully laid her sister in her bed, she planted a small kiss to the top of her head.

"Sleep well, Winnie." She cooed.

She silently closed the door and released a breath, one sibling down, two to go.

She started her hunt through their new mansion, following her younger siblings' scent trails. When she found them in the kitchen eating chocolate, she wasn't surprised.


Both snapped their heads up and stared at their sister in shock. Sage laughed and sat down at the table.

Unlike Elijah, Dimitria was paler. She had dark brown hair like their father, but hazel eyes like her mother. She got her small nose from Rosalie and her dark lashes from their father, along with her personality. And Sage thought she was bad with her sarcasm. The girl is only six and she already has better remarks than her.

"When is mommy and daddy coming home?" Dimitria asked.

Sage shrugged, "Should be home soon."

"Oh, then we should clean up!" Dimitria gasped.

Sage rolled her eyes and watched her sister run around the kitchen, cleaning.

Of course she only thinks of cleaning. Sage thought, laughing to herself.

She got up and picked her brother up, "Come on, let's help your sister."

Elijah quickly started to wipe the counter tops down as Sage held him. Once he was done she threw the cloths away and started to do the dishes.

After an hour they all collapsed on the couch, relieved to be done cleaning the very large kitchen.

"Demetrius Xander Black, I swear to god, if you don't quit your whining I'm going to kick you where the sun doesn't shine!"

They chuckled as their mother stormed through the door with her hair in a messy bun and old make-up coating her eyes. She dropped her bags on the ground and groaned.

"Dad made you carry all of the bags again?" Sage asked.

Rosalie sighed, "Yes, not my fault his phone broke."

"His phone?"

"Yeah, he scared me in the middle of the night by accident and I threw his phone at him. It got stuck in the wall." Rosalie explained.

When she spotted her little ones she beamed and hugged them. She then scowled and grabbed Sage, pulling her into the hug.

"Mom! I'm twenty-one!" Sage yelled dramatically while laughing.

Rosalie smirked, "But you're still my sixteen year old brat!"

"I am not a brat!"

"Not now."

Sage laughed at her mother, they both looked up as Dimitri walked through the door, a pout on his face. His eyes slowly traveled to them.

"She broke my phone, now I can't play color switch." He mumbled.

Sage rolled her eyes, "You're obsessed!"

"I am not!"

"What were you doing while the councilman was speaking to you?" Rosalie asked.

Dimitri scowled at her, "Okay, maybe I have a tiny obsession with it."

Rosalie raised an eyebrow as she looked at him. He blinked and frowned.

"Fine! I'm obsessed!" He snapped.

Rosalie laughed, she turned back towards the kids and frowned.

"Where's Sara?" She asked.

Sage sighed, "Take a guess."

"With Jason?"


Rosalie shook her head, "You'll understand some day, Sage."

"Why haven't I found mine? If I don't have a mate by the time I become queen then...I'm not allowed to."  Sage frowned.

"Who's says anything about you not being allowed to become queen without your mate?"

"The council."

Rosalie rolled her eyes, "Those men are just sexist pigs. All they do is insult lower classes wolves. It's disgusting."

"I hate them." Sage grumbled.

"You and me both."

"Hey, where's the sink to the bathroom?" Dimitri called.

Sage paled, "Dimitria got angry at some boy and threw it at him."

Rosalie pinched the bridge of her, "Dimitria, what did I tell you about throwing things?"

"It's not nice." Dimitria mumbled.

"Exactly, now, what did he do?"

"He called me a bad word and slapped me across the face."

Rosalie frowned, she sighed and stood up.

"In that case, you should have thrown  the toilet at him too."

A/N: I couldn't decide on Dimtria or Winter so what better way than making them have two daughters? Boom.

Just a fun and goofy chapter.

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