He's Drunk

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Got you guys some Yato action 👆😝

Rin - "That's gonna be your last drink Rin," you told him, making him frown. "But why mooomm~" he slurred. "First of all, I'm not your mom. Second of all, because you are as drunk as an Irish man on St. Patrick's Day (Sorry Irish people. I love you)" You told him. "But babe~" he began to travel his hands down your waist.

"Rin, let go of me," you demanded, but he kept moving his hands down. "But why~" he whined. "Because you're drunk and I'm not in the mood," you told him. "Then how 'bout just a kiss," he puckered his lips towards you. You sighed and slowly kissed him. That was the wrong choice though because he pinned you against the wall. But before he could do anything else, he passed out.


Yukio - Yukio never drinks alcohol. NEVER. However, he wanted to be romantic and do on a fancy date with you. He cooked the food and bought wine for you two to enjoy. You guys were talking for a long time and he had about 10 glasses of wine during that time. You can tell he was drunk because he was just staring at you with half lidded eyes. You were talking to him until you felt his hand on your thigh.

"Really Yukio?" He ignored you and kissed your cheek down to your neck. You were trying to talk him out of it, but he wouldn't listen. You really didn't want to do anything and there was no easy way to stop him, so you took the empty wine bottle on the table and smashed it against his head. "Sorry."


Bon - Bon came back from a party with his guy friends and they were drinking so of course he came back drunk. You didn't know at first, but after he started talking, you figured it out. You sighed and guided him to the room. You thought he was gonna jump on the bed and sleep, but he grabbed your waist and pulled you onto the bed.

"Can you please let go of me?" You asked, struggling to get out of his hold. You thought he was gonna do something perverted, but all he wanted to do is snuggle :3.


Shima - Shima went out with his friends and came back with Bon, Konekomaru, and Rin trying to help him walk. "We had a few drinks, but he had a bit more of a few drinks," Konekomaru explained. "Well thank you for caring him over her," you said. They said no problem and left. You turned and glared at Shima.

"Really?" You asked him. "Oh come on, it was just a few drinks," he said. "How much was 'a few' drinks?" You asked. He shrugged, but gave an answer. "About 13-"" What?!" You yelled. "Don't ask me to help you when you get a hangover" you told him. "I won't need it unless you give me something ~" he slurred as he hugged you. "Nope," you pushed him off, making him lose his balance and fall on the ground. You just left him there since he passed out.


Mephisto - Mephisto went out with his demon friends and went out drinking. He promised you that he wouldn't take more than three drinks. Well he kept that promise and he still got drunk 😕. You found out that drinks in Gehenna are like 5 drinks in Assiah. When he came back, it was 12:34 a.m. and you were already asleep, but now you aren't.

He groaned and went under the covers with you. You were gonna get revenge on him, so you waited till it was quiet and scared him. "Why!!" He yelled. You started laughing your ass off as he was in the floor with the blanket on him. He was too tired to do or say anything so he fell asleep on the floor.


Amaimon - Wherever Mephisto goes, Amaimon goes. So, Mephisto went to the bar and Amaimon went as well. You told him not to go, but he was curious so he wound up going anyway. You waited for him by your window until you saw him come in riding on his beloved behemoth. He waved at you, but since he wasn't paying attention, he made behemoth run into a tree.

"I'm okay," he said before falling on his face and passing out. You sighed and just left him there.

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