Chapter 14

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I try to sit up.

"W-where a-am I?" I stutter, my voice only coming out as a whisper.

All I could think of was Piper's body being ripped apart. My body falling, falling into the demon's arms. Please don't let me be there.

"Your safe." Day soothes.

"Where am I?!" I said, my usual tone springing back to life.

Maybe Day killed himself too. No. My mouth is back, that means I must of been dreaming, right? 

"Ok! Your appartment."

"But I killed myself......"

"No, you never, my aim skills are way better than you think. I stopped you, threw a knife at your knife, making it smack into you forehead. You could've died, I guess."

I'm silent for a second. Day saved me? Again?

"You still, you me?"


A huge wave of regret stabs at my heart. I've hurt him so much, I shouldn't be surprised with his answer but I am. I'm glad he doesn't love me anymore but..............maybe I love him.

"The King is going to be looking for me. We need to go.I did after all smuggle you out of his palace and from a cage."

"How did you do it?"

"Me and............Bobby had made a plan to save you a few days back. We would work with the King and pretend to help him in capturing you. You being locked in a cage made things .......slow down a little. We had to find a way to win the Kings loyalty, of course Bobby all ready had. He was one of the King's favourite soldiers. He somehow managed to get a hold on the keys for your cage and we were going to help you escape the same night me and you......kissed. What we did ruined our plans. I was meant to talk to you for a few minutes, make you realise what me and Bobby's intentions were when things got out of my control. With us kissing Bobby couldn't resist you. So he kissed you and........well you know what happened."

He pauses, and looks me right in the eye.

"The guards were coming, and I couldn't leave you. So I followed the original plan to save you. It worked, but now you have to go."

"Your not coming?" I said horrified.

He just shook is head.

"But.....the King, my dad will kill you!"

"I know, but I have to hold him off so you can escape without raising attention to yourself."

"Day, I'm not leaving until my father is dead! So you can forget your stupid little plan."

"Willow................." He started but I cut him off.

"Nothing you say will make me change my mind. You go, you  won't be able to stay here after what you have done! No way would the King let that happen. You'll be hung or worse.........tortured."


"There's torture chambres under the palace. I was meant to go there but I stabbed Bobby's eye and managed to escape."

Day's eyes flickered. Was that a hint of a smile on his face?

Suddenly it dawned on me.

My hand automatically searched for my knife. It was gone. 

"The plan was for me to escape from the tortue chambres, wasn't it?" I asked, trying to hide the fact I was looking for a weapon.

A grin appeared on Day's face, "Yep."

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