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Luciana's POV

I blowed into the straw that was in my water, forming bubbles on the surface while I made gargling noises. I was becoming bored as my fathers boss was 20 minutes late to the dinner that he had organized.

My dad worked for HS hotels, which was a very successful business. Harry Styles, the CEO of the company was very wealthy. I had met him already and seen him a couple times when going to my dads office or just running into him in public. If I was being completely honest, I did have a tiny crush on Harry. It was his good looks that made me clamp my thighs together. Although his personality was awful.

He was nice to me though, although to his co workers, not so much.

"Sorry that I am late, had to deal with a few things." The low familiar British accent rang through my ears from behind me, making my head turn to the side. I smiled at the attractive man that was old enough to be my father.

I was only 15, turning 16 in four months. Harry was 34, although he did not look it, at all. When I first saw him I thought he was 25. Oh how shocked was I.

"It is all good Harry." My mum says, giving him a smile. Although I could tell she was pretty pissed off. My father looked up from the menu, instantly getting up from his seat and greeting Harry.

"Hello Mr.Styles." I said, pushing the glass of water to the side as Harry sat down across from me. My mum was sitting beside me and my dad was sitting in front of her.

"Good evening Luciana, how are you today?" Harry asks, sitting up straight in his seat.

"I am good thank you, yourself?"

"I'm great." Harry smiles warmly, before getting into a conversation with my father about work.

I looked around the expensive restaurant, the lights were dimmed down and candles were lit on each table. I watched as the small band played soft music on a little stage, softly humming along with the tune.

"So Luciana, how is school going?" Harry's question brings me out of my daze as I snap my head back to look at him.

"It's good, I only have two weeks left till summer break." I said excitedly, thinking of all the things I will be doing on my break. Harry nods, diverting his attention back to my parents.

"Where is Jack?" Harry asks, seeing as my brother was not here. My parents and I looked at the empty spot on the table with a sigh.

"He decided not to join I guess." My mum said, fiddling with the Pandora bracelet around her wrist.

"Ah, he is 18, correct?" Harry enquires, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, he is. He just recently moved out of the house and to an apartment." My father says, taking a sip of wine.

My family was quite wealthy themselves, but not as rich as Harry.

"Right. Well he is a young man making his own decisions, just like how I was when I was his age." Harry chuckles, opening the menu and scanning through the food.

I do the same, picking up the black leathered book and opening it, cringing a little at most of the stuff they served. I didn't really like expensive food, I would rather a burger from McDonalds.

After contemplating on a salad or pasta, I finally made up a choice and picked the spaghetti carbonara. Harry called over a waitress, ordering all our food.

"Honey, shouldn't you get the salad, it's much healthier for you." My mum murmurs to me, making me raise my head up from my lap. I was playing Candy Crush on my phone, as I was beyond bored.

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